80s Flashback: ‘What Is Life’- Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru was the first Reggae group to win a Grammy Award. Plain and simple, before Black Uhuru, there were no Grammy Awards for Reggae music. From the 1984 album Anthem, produced by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, “What is Life” is perhaps the most powerful track in the collection. In this incarnation of Uhuru, the personnel included “Duckie” Simpson, Michael Rose, “Puma” Jones and Sly and Robbie. Remember when Sly and Robbie hooked up with Bob Dylan? It seems great minds think alike and sometimes they even work together. Puma (Oct. 5, 1953 –Jan. 28, 1990) is probably looking down on all this from above and smiling.

Photo: Michael Rose of Black Uhuru – Self-photographed SMiNt at German Wikipedia/public domain/Creative Commons; usage does not constitute endorsement. Video – Bless/YouTube.


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