Eagleheart Music Review: ‘Reverse’


Eagleheart is Scarlet Records label’s newest speed and progressive metal export from Italy. In many cases, the quintet delivers the best of the genre: operatic and melodic vocals, dynamic guitar work and ethereal keyboard touches backed by precise, technical drumming. Lyrically, the focus is on the mind, body, spirit, time and space. The Czech-based band is staring down and embracing its own mortality in practically every moment of the 12-song music release, Reverse.

Singer Roman Sacek shines by exhibiting his vocal range several times within each song. He’s comfortable in hisEagleheart-jpg.com mid-alto register, but in tunes like “Palace of Thoughts” he goes almost raspy before eventually reaching soprano during the chorus. This uptempo track is reminiscent of Stratovarius and also features some of Reverse‘s more astounding guitar solos (though there are at least two found on nearly each song). The band takes it a step further on “Erased from Existence,” which features dual violin-and-guitar solos against an ethereal backdrop. “Mind to Decipher” has an Eastern-tinged introduction, which gives way to a speed metal, double-bass drum assault that still maintains a sense of melody.

For a progressive metal band, there are surprisingly no extremely long opuses in the vain of Fates Warning or Dream Theater, which is fine because the songs are comprised of several parts. Most are in the four-to-five minute range, with the longest clocking in at 6:30. Reverse‘s one drawback is that the choruses get a bit lost in songs that feature such intricacy.

Fans of European power and prog-metal should find a lot to like here. There are even a few guest spots from former Helloween guitarist, Roland Grapow. Eagleheart is picking up where Elegy left off in terms of tone and ability to craft technically challenging songs which explore the grander topics of life.

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