Paul Quigley: Fiery Punkish Metalist, Courageous Acoustic Fretster

Paul Quigley-jpg.comAs the frontman and founding member of the band HellsBelles, Paul Quigley’s intensity is unmistakable. It is certainly no surprise the singer, songwriter and guitarist rules Bellesylvania with all the explosiveness of a cranked Marshall® amp. Proof of that can be heard in “Abyssinian Demesne,” on Reverbnation. The Manchester-based musician is clearly the Belle Lord of new wave British heavy metal. But lately the artist is sporting an acoustic six-string to go along with his message of hope.

The Belle Lair

After listening to HellsBelles music, you will find Paul Quigley’s unplugged skills pack as much of a wallop as the band’s electric cuts. His reflective singing in “(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill” generates a hardened roots sound that is deep, lonely and extremely well done. The 3:39 melody, folkie and haunting, oozes with rustic honesty while the video, directed by Steve Fitzhulme and Produced by Two Blind Men, is stylistic and moving. Though not strictly unplugged songs, the acoustic picking and strumming during “Scars” and “Gone But Not Forgotten” perfectly complement Quigley’s resonant call.

A Personal Story

Quigley is typically known for his musical prowess both live and in the studio. Blind since his 30s, besides fronting several heavy metal groups, he was a featured actor in music videos for the groundbreaking band Girlschool. One of the videos, for the song “Play Dirty,” aired during episode 107 of MTV’s famed animated Beavis and Butt-Head series. All things considered, Paul is a remarkable musician and an incredible person. He went blind due to genetics, which is hereditary in his family. As a result, he had no alternative but to cope with sight loss and bravely fight on to be heard. No doubt, his determination carries a confidant desire and love for everyone.

Now, when he is not fronting the latest incarnation of HellsBelles or supporting various campaigns for people with disabilities and other causes close to his heart, Paul records and performs as a solo artist. Equipped with just a Martin® guitar, his current project, Live in London, involves a string of concert dates, including the renowned Half Moon, in Putney. He also has a new album soon to be released.

The power of metal uniquely lends itself to acoustic guitar-driven music and Paul Quigley is a prime example.


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