Hammerschmitt’s ‘Doctor’: A Power Metal Prescription

Hammerschmitt-jpg.comBy Justin Smulison


Dr. Evil

Massacre Records

German metallers Hammerschmitt have returned with Dr. Evil, the group’s second album entirely in English and unquestionably one of the band’s heaviest outings. Not to be confused with another Hammerschmitt from Germany, which split up during the 1980s, Dr. Evil utilizes guitars cranked to ten, thunderous drumming, wailing vocals and catchy choruses.

The title track opens with monstrous riffs and scratchy vocal work which quickly replaces the image of the similarly named Austin Powers movie villain with a truly malevolent antagonist, setting the tone for the entire album. TheHammerschmitt-jpg.com collection’s second track, “Restart Your Fire,” is a call for listeners to disregard personal shortcomings and look toward inner strength.

A unique love song, “Fly” is by no means a power ballad. The mid-tempo rocker is the tale of two connected lives needing to take divergent paths to reach perceived greatness. The song explores emotional support and the challenges of maintaining a connection over distance and time as revealed by the singer: “My love will make you stronger/Don’t have to wait no longer/Fly/I’m still a true believer.”

Some songs from Dr. Evil have lyrics lighter on substance while geared for live crowd participation. “Tonight” is commercial hard rock at the category’s best, with a simple, solid bass intro and a chorus about living in the moment. “Saints of Rock” is uptempo metal, praising the almighty power of the genre. Similarly, just as the group Dust & Bones pays homage to Accept and Udo Dirkschneider, Hammerschmitt does the same with “Metalized,” including the melodic guitar solos. Fans of power metal in the vein of Helloween and Paragon will enjoy a visit with Dr. Evil.

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