Tygers Of Pan Tang Uphold the Classic Metal ‘Ritual’

Tygers Of Pan-jpg.comBy Justin Smulison

Tygers Of Pan Tang


Mighty Music

There is a patent momentum throughout Ritual, the latest album from British heavy metal trailblazers Tygers Of Pan Tang. Available Nov. 22, 2019 via Mighty Music, Ritual marks the band’s 13th album in four decades and is full of ferocity, worthily adding to the group’s legacy.

Listeners are in for a fast-paced ride from the moment the opener, “Worlds Apart,” launches into speed metal guitar plucking. The sum total is five minutes of vintage metal fueled by monstrous guitar solos and a chorus: “The harder it gets, the less we fall/All is not lost, can’t you see we are worlds apart?” Similarly, check out the singles “Damn You!” and “Destiny,” two bad boy anthems and “Raise Some Hell” for another straightforward heavy rocker. A major album highlight, “The Art of Noise,” stands out by prominently featuring the bass riff as pivotal to the melody.

Ritual is the third outing by singer Jacopo Meille, who has settled comfortably into the role. Meille’s range is typically mid- and upper-registers, fueling the succinct gang vocal choruses for which the Tygers are known. Furthermore, the band is supported behind the glass by mixer Soren Andersen, whose own resume as a guitarist and producer further demonstrates the ability to capture clean and heavy six-string melodies.Tygers Of Pan-jpg.com

“Sail On,” the album closer, contains 7:37 of heavy riffs and dueling guitar solos, providing the backdrop for the existential tale about a crew lost at sea, with little more than faith pointing to home. The cut kicks up a gear at the six-minute mark, where Meille belts out the tale as the narrator, who decides not to go gently into the night. Throughout the 11 tracks, Tygers Of Pan Tang manage to maintain aggressiveness while staying true to the band’s melodic rock roots. Fans of the genre, including David Reece, Meridian and Gamma Ray enthusiasts, will enjoy all 53 minutes of the Tygers’ music.

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