All Hail KingCrown’s Power Metal Prowess

By Justin Smulison


A Perfect World

ROAR! Rock of Angels Records

One of the best power metal albums of 2019 comes from the French quintet, KingCrown. Formerly known as Öblivïon, the rebooted band of melodic metal musicians recently released A Perfect World on Nov. 1, 2019, with 11 tracks prominently featuring neo-classical shredding, banshee-like vocals and double-kick drumming. But there are also touches of progressive metal and even thrash laced throughout, keeping the music exciting and varying.

The theme of a world hanging in the balance permeates many songs, like “In The Sky Of Athens,” a strong tune with a classic genre riff. The catchy bass solo at 2:28 leads into powerful guitar soloing just before the song-ending repeat of the chorus. KingCrown excels in the ability to establish strong hooks while also keeping the concise. Check out the tone-setting album opener, “The Flame of My Soul,” for a dynamic modern dose of power-prog which will instantly set your horns up. Furthermore, tracks like “The Human Tide” waste no time tackling the topic of overpopulation with compelling music which at times is operatic. Similarly, the title track begins with a sorrowful, mellow tone, but quickly takes off and reaches an appealing, repeatable chorus detailing an existence, “Far from KingCrown-jpg.comreality…!”

KingCrown’s A Perfect World‘s crisp and energetic sound can be partly attributed to Roland Grapow, who mixed and mastered the collection. The former longtime Helloween guitarist replicates the successes of past production credits which include Eagleheart and Masterplan. It is unsurprising that Grapow is able to capture the strength and range of vocalist Jo Amore, who could be compared to Andi Deris and even the late Ronnie James Dio. Fans of lightning fast guitar work, like in the aforementioned, as well as European metallers like Ivory Tower and Freternia, will find themselves kneeling before KingCrown.

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‘A Perfect World’

KingCrown on ROAR!


Justin Smulison-jpg.comJustin Smulison is a professional content writer and producer whose first love is music. Smulison’s digital and print copywriting experience spans music, law, true crime, advertising and real estate, among other subjects. You can often find JS in Long Beach, New York, either running on the boardwalk or in the sand with his family.

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