Singer/Songwriter NIVED Veers From Nashville Sound

NIVED-jpg.comNIVED-jpg.comBy Peter Harris

FFO: Alternative Rock, Moody Synth-Pop

The debut EP from the musical persona NIVED shows that not all Nashville artists need to be slick modern country or among the increasing numbers of rock acts relocated there. Music City has a rich underbelly of independent musicians following their own vision.

After studying audio production in college, NIVED took some time to let his songwriting and instrument skills mature. Now that the artist is satisfied that the music reflects his vision he has released a debut four-song self-titled EP. “I knew I had to do my own thing apart from the shallow persona and entitled aesthetic that marks so much music here,” the songwriter reveals. “Honestly, these songs came out of sitting in my room in isolation, working hard on my music to see what would naturally emerge.”

What has emerged is a moody synth-pop dreamscape that reveals an honest vulnerability and self-reflection. The first track, “See,” is driven by clean electric guitar, underpinned by electronic percussion. NIVED asks if the recipient is even aware of the music’s effect on him, a well-trodden but universal sentiment. On “Shame’, the singer declares “I want exactly what I want/and that won’t ever change.” Shimmering guitar chords frame the message. The singer says that much of this music came from a time in his life where he was “grateful but not happy.” This seems to be as accurate a description of this collection as anything.

“Cry” is perhaps the most obvious ballad on the EP. The slow moving verses break into a clearly delineated chorus, adding a nice dimension to the piece. As a personal preference, perhaps NIVED will move away from the heavy auto-tune effect on his vocals for future projects however it does stamp this as a unified body of work. The final cut, entitled “Shadow,” is a highlight. Guitar defines the melody at the start and deep bass synth pads give context to the vocals as they rise and fall.

Be sure to check out this emergent artist on his Soundcloud page. For fans of atmospheric and moody music, nothing is more rewarding than discovering a new artist right out of the gate!

Peter Harris-jpg.comPeter Harris, Inside The Musical Mind, is a content writer with experience in not only blogs and podcasting, but also FM Rock radio. A self-admitted lousy guitar player, music is his passion and he loves sharing the stories of both legendary artists and up-and-coming players. Peter resides in Knoxville, TN and can be spotted around town accompanied by his very large and very spoiled dog.

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