SkinsNbones ‘Forever On’ Single: Bold, Collaborative and Thumping Good

skinsNbones-jpg.comFFO: Rock

Engaging in social media fuels an excitement of discovery, especially about bands and solo music artists. Better yet, having a great logo or a smart photograph is encouraged in order to help get out a particular musical message. That much is only logical. Then there are the times when clicking play on a media posting reveals music with the kind of conviction and confidence that can stand alone. Make way for skinsNbones.

Concentrating on hearing

A traditional mix of rock instruments played with self-defining style and musicianship, skinsNbones “Forever On” is a collaboration featuring Jason Kafoa on lead vocals. The 3:58 track immediately casts an enticing and nearly inescapable beat. But why escape? Once the song begins to play, the impulse to be a part of it becomes unavoidable. The riffing and palm muting are edgy, blooming into crisp rhythm guitar playing during a short intro. The bass and drumming, timely and spot on, add to the bones’ musical glue.

Performance is tops and production seamless as a genuine all around rock spirit kicks in. No matter the time signature, skinsNbones’ cruising speed feels just right pouring out of good stereo speakers. The same sentiment is reached on headphones. But the rockin’ attitude and aural liberation of “Forever On” are best unleashed through larger woofers. The Queensland, Australia-based band’s favorite saying, “OlSkool rock N nuSkool roll,” lends the fondness, delivering a classic yet current sensation of sound, gaining admiration and enthusiasm from eager loyalists and curious newbies.

Singers change the game

Alongside the appealing musicianship of instrumentation, lead vocalist Jason Kafoa brings everything together. A driving force of power and song, Kafoa’s singing is dominant and memorable. For about the first 40 seconds, or so, thinking “Forever On” might be a long lost track from Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Family Style album, bumped up a step, is understandable. Kafoa is a determining factor who leaves a striking impression. So does “Forever On.”

By way of the Bongo Boy record label, skinsNbones’ “Forever On” is from the album Kryp II Knight, by various artists.

Make sure to check out the band’s television commercial.

Here is the acoustic version of “Forever On”:

For more, please visit:

Artist’s Official Website



Kryp II Knight – On Bongo Boy


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