SkinsNbones Music Sneak Preview: ‘There’s Reason’

Band Down Under jumps out in front to begin 2021 with new release

skinsNbones-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Classic Rock

An overwhelming quality of performance and production rules the latest from skinsNbones. The Australian-based group is proof that independently made music can equal and sometimes surpass most major label releases. Amid the ongoing pandemic, while maintaining a popular presence on social media, skinsNbones has created “There’s Reason,” a song worthy of attention. Here is why.

Taking a peek

Available Jan. 5, 2021 on Bongo Boy Records, like most everyone, skinsNbones is readied and looking to the future with “There’s Reason,” an impressive new 5:03 track. During the preview, the recording quality was the first aspect gaining attention. Listening through a laptop and then larger self-powered external boutique speakers, each of the players’ drive is heard with power and finesse, maintaining clarity and musicianship. Right off the bat, the song emits a degree of accessibility via production, creating enthusiasm for listeners.

The complete package

Production is merely part of the skinsNbones story. Notice also can focus on performance as well. Guitar, drums and bass lead an :18 intro and a pounding beat to “There’s Reason,” measured but somewhat anthemic. It does not take long to fall into the groove and display a resulting smile while feeling good about the music. The bigger the woofer and tweeter and the louder the volume, the better. Call it rock, old school, rock and roll or maybe blues rock; but any which way, “There’s Reason” has major listening appeal.

After laying the song’s groundwork, the vocals enter, deep and strong. The singing is melodic but assertive, conveying a commanding presence. Complete with lyric inflections and inner intensity, the vocal suggests a distinct but complementary style. With the band playing and the lead vocalist singing, a particular flow of music happens, part of the skinsNbones mystique. So is a wickedly delicious over-amped wah-filled guitar solo at the 2:45 mark and powerful lyrics throughout that are hard to ignore. Put everything together and “There’s Reason” is a winner.

Look for “There’s Reason” from skinsNbones.

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