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There is no fee for to create an interview, press release or music review.

Talented musicians deserve to be heard. No matter the artist’s style, recognition is the name of the game. Yet, many people may never hear about them. So, how does a band or a solo artist break out of the pack? Besides making great music and hopefully scoring that big contract, establishing a strong online presence is a must for all modern musicians. With that in mind:

  • offers online recognition for solo artists and bands by publishing original interviews. But it gets better. Whether you have a new single, album or upcoming concert tour, we will create a free professionally crafted online press release which can be used at your discretion.

What good is recognition, if nobody knows about it? As for exposure:

  • will share your interview or press release on key social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , Pinterest and LinkedIn, at no charge.
  • Put everything together and it’s kind of like having a one-two online campaign punch; first create the interview article or the press release and then share the material on the World Wide Web.
  • The same applies if you have a music video on Youtube and publicity photos. We will incorporate your video and photographs within the interview or press release. It amounts to having professional online written and visual content, at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m a musician, how do I get an interview?

Send a direct message through:

Where do the questions come from?

After listening to your music and speaking with you, we’ll create the questions. We typically forward the questions via email. You simply answer them and then forward back to us. You usually have about a week to 10 days before sending the answers back.

Will you edit the responses?

Yes, the responses are generally edited for clarity and content before the interview is published.

Are interviews done with solo musicians or bands? publishes interviews with solo musicians as well as bands.

How do you request a press release?

It’s the same as an interview. Contact us at the bottom of this page in the reply section or by way of Facebook and Twitter.

When do you use a press release?

A press release can be created for special event announcements, like a new single, an album, or a concert tour.

Are all requests for press releases filled? reserves the right to screen all requests.

Does an interview or a press release cost anything?

No. There is no charge and no fee. feels the world is a better place when musicians are heard and heard from.

Where will the interview be published?

Interviews and press releases will be published on They remain posted until the magazine removes them, typically a period of approximately one year.

What about photos and videos?

We use photos that you suggest. We often use photos from the artist’s website, Twitter, or Facebook page. If you have a video on YouTube, we can also incorporate that visual into the article. is also available for:

  • Music reviews
  • Product and equipment reviews
  • Other music related articles

Contact us!