Owen Fitzgerald’s ‘Touching The Oven At Work’: ‘If I’m Dead And Gone, How’d The Laundry Get Done”

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Existential reality with a sense of humor imbues singer-songwriter’s latest single

FFO: Folk, Folk Rock, Indie, Country

Originating from a place of firsthand experience, often familiar to most, recording artist Owen Fitzgerald’s music can simultaneously be comical, witty and sad. For instance, the musician’s current release, “Touching The Oven At Work,” from the forthcoming album A Deep Clean You Can Count On!, features expertly played instruments with distinctive style, while the vocals inject a cleverness in perception. On the Sleepy Cat Records label, to say Owen Fitzgerald is something special would be an understatement.   

Owen Fitzgerald’s music is an observation of the human condition, especially the artist’s own circumstances.

Two guitars, bass, drums and keys lend to a characteristic tone and audible texture during “Touching The Oven At Work.” The instrumentation to the 2:52 cut creates a measured, somewhat lamenting pace’ while the drums and keyboard suggest at least a partial rock category tag, as in folk rock, or maybe alt rock. But this merely tells half the story.

Released Dec. 14, 2021, scratching below the surface is recommended while listening to “Touching The Oven At Work” as the vocal work brings original lyrics to life. Fitzgerald wastes no time asking, “If my heart pumps blood through my veins/If my eyes turn light into sight/If it still hurts, touching the oven at work/Why do I feel dead?” The experiential metaphor is appropriate, considering the Durham, North Carolina-based musician’s existential nature and expressions. Still, a disassociated feeling seems to be lurking in spirit.     

The band members on “Touching The Oven At Work” are Owen FitzGerald – vocals, guitar; Patrick O’Neil – guitar, keys; Dylan Turner – bass; and Marc Allen – drums.

For more about Owen Fitzgerald and the music, please visit the artist’s official links.


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