Evelyn Laurie’s ‘Glow’ Interview: A Steadying Light Of Resolve During Trying Times  

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Artist dedicates original song with all proceeds to Ukrainian charities

FFO: Jazz, Contemporary Folk, Pop, Voice And Piano

The news and imagery emerging from Ukraine has stirred the emotions of people around the world, including vocalist and composer, Evelyn Laurie. Moved by the situation in Ukraine, the Paisley, West Scotland-based artist discovered inspiration from the old adage, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” As a result, Laurie has recorded the 2:37 single “Glow,” available now on Bandcamp.

The melody, rhythmically accentuated lyrics and tone of Laurie’s voice during “Glow,” stand out as a warm musical embrace. Piano accompaniment, wonderfully played, adds to the character of the recording. Released Apr. 1, 2022, the song lyrics to “Glow,” drawing upon the strength found in staying positive, are both timely and enduring.

The credits for “Glow” include Evelyn Laurie – author/composer, vocals, co-arranger; Angus Lyon – piano, co-arranger. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Gran’s House Studio, Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. “Glow” cover photograph: Vladimir Fedotov.

Of course, musicinterviewmagazine.com welcomed the opportunity for an interview with Evelyn Laurie.

An interview with Evelyn Laurie

Musicinterviewmagazine.com: A song of resolve, how did you arrive at writing “Glow?”

Evelyn Laurie: I wrote this song at the end of a songwriting workshop when I was stuck for inspiration until I switched on a little lamp on my desk and I remembered the saying, “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” The words of “Glow” are really about metaphorically shining a light to brighten the darkness and bring positivity and strength through difficult times.

You are generously donating the proceeds raised from “Glow” to Ukrainian focused charities. Tell us a bit about your campaign to help people.

When the invasion started in Ukraine and we started to see all the terrible suffering there, like most people, I felt shocked and powerless to do anything to help. I donated money to various charities but wondered what else I could do. Then I thought, well, I’m a songwriter, I can give a song. I had already recorded “Glow” as a demo so I just had it mixed and mastered and kept it simple with voice and piano,  a bit different to my usual recordings. I felt that the sentiments were appropriate. Someone who bought the track has very touchingly commented, “You have produced a beacon of beautiful, enlightened hope with this song,” which is quite humbling and lovely for me to hear.

Where can fans and friends donate?

I released it only on Bandcamp, rather than on streaming services, as people can pay as much as they like over the nominal £1. All proceeds that I receive will go to humanitarian charities working in and for Ukraine, especially women and children. Here is the link.

Is “Glow” from a forthcoming collection? Can you talk about the project? Will the collection be all original music?

I am currently working on a set of original songs on a particular theme. I’m not sure if “Glow” will fit with these yet. Stay tuned for more information.

Do you have upcoming live shows planned and will “Glow” be part of the setlist?

I do have some live shows lined up at the Langtoun Jazz Festival, (Kirkcaldy) 25 June and in Oban on 29 July. These will be based on my recent album, My Scottish Heart, a collection of 18th and 19th century Scottish songs, all reimagined in contemporary jazzy settings. “Glow” might slip in as a wee encore.

For more, please visit Evelyn Laurie’s official Bandcamp page.  

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Paul Wolfle, the publisher of musicinterviewmagazine.com, is a web-based journalist who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow a positive presence on the World Wide Web.

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