Recording Artist pMad Debuts ‘Who Am I’ Single

Musician turns the intangible into explosive new song

FFO: Goth Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave

Visiting the promo video for pMad’s “Who Am I,” the multi-instrumentalist writes about having “A vision of music in his head,” that the artist is “trying to move to the outside.” All things considered, pMad has achieved that and more with “Who Am I.” The lead single from the forthcoming album Who Where Why What, instrumentation stands out as driving and flawless, the vocals pensive, yet reachable. This merely begins to describe “Who Am I,” from pMad.

The music from pMad expresses an authentic obscurity that can be chillingly real.

Hitting play to the 3:18 “Who Am I,” a pounding bassline grooves with finesse just as the drums enter and backing vocals begin, combining for a heightened expectation. From Zedakube Records, at :41 into the track, the backing vocals begin soaring with a higher make-the-hairs-stand-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck range. As the rhythm battery maintains the time signature, the lead vocals commence, bringing the goth and post punk category tags more into view. The song’s edgier side is defined by Paul Dillon’s vocal work, also known as pMad.

“Who Am I” has a big, serious sound, drawing listeners in for the entirety of the music. Accompanying the release is a film short available on YouTube. Expressed in visuals, the creative point is ultimately realized as macabre. Look out for the clown. As a particular idea pervades the screen, pMad turns music and lyrics into action during “Who Am I.”

Make sure to look for Who Where Why What in 2022.

For more about the music, please visit pMad’s official links.


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