January’s Triple Threat: Maule; Feral; Clenchfist

Three Bands explode with a barrage of high-powered listening fuel

FFO: Metal/New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal; French Hardcore/Crust/Grind; Rock/Progressive

Maule – Maule

Listening through the self-titled 9-track collection from Maule, the Vancouver, British Colombia-based band, pulls no punches with a direct audio assault. Released Jan. 14, 2022, the album opener, “Evil Eye,” cranks with amped fretwork during a brief intro before breaking into a full-fledged yet finessed metal onslaught. Also from the album and a growing favorite, the video for “Sword Woman” which premiered Jan. 5, is outstanding. Look for Maule on the Gates Of Hell Records label.

Gates Of Hell Records is a Cruz Del Sur Music sub-label.

Find Maule on Bandcamp.


Feral – Spiritual Void

Twelve tracks of unforgiving grooves, growls, screams and more provide the exhilaration while taking in the latest from Feral. Available Jan. 21, 2022, on vinyl, CD, digital download and limited edition cassette, Spiritual Voidis the second album from the French group. A degree more wicked and crustier than Feral’s Doomwalk debut, Spiritual Void includes the lead single and video, “The Great Reset,” in itself, an impressive cut. Hardcore enthusiasts can unite in the music of Feral.

Feral’s Spiritual Void is available through Source Atone Records and Basement Apes Industries.


Clenchfist – “Reminisce” 

Starting the New Year off with a sledgehammer track, Clenchfist’s “Reminisce” is all together intense, aggressive and fierce. From the album Now or Never, the accompanying video for “Reminisce,” strobed in flawless editing and musicianship, features members of the band, including the lead singer holding a sword. The chiaroscuro type contrasts and golden light brilliantly bring out a metal frame of mind, namely Clenchfist. Hailing from sunny Florida, remember to look for Clenchfist live.

On Curtain Call Records, for more, please visit the official Clenchfist website.


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