Josie Pace’s ‘IV0X10V5’: Music Preview

Detroit-based recording artist launches lead single from forthcoming electro rock collection

FFO: Post Industrial, Industrial Pop, Electro Rock  

Readied with a commitment of artistry and style, “Storm and Stress,” available Jan. 7, 2022, is from the forthcoming album IV0X10V5, by Josie Pace. A singer, songwriter and daunting energy force, Pace’s “Storm And Stress” is one of eleven tracks from IV0X10V5, due Feb. 4, 2022, via Negative Gain Productions. In the meantime, a sneak peek of IV0X10V5 proved an irresistible opportunity and to good to pass up.  

With unrivaled personality and entrancing vocals, the instrumentation generates an absorbing atmosphere, fueled by Pace’s musical distinctiveness.  

Listening to the introduction for the single “Storm And Stress,” a steady measured pulse with a thick tone opens the 3:25 track. Somewhat of an echoplex drum quality soon comes to mind, but with a contemporary presence. The time signature might earn a hyphenated rock category tag, but Josie Pace takes that idea and turns the music on its head with an electro, synth-filled authenticity. “Storm And Stress” is all about terrific sound production, a magnetic beat, self-reflective lyrics and of course, Pace’s brilliant post-industrial vocal delivery.

Another highlight from IV0X10V5, the 3:23 “Underestimated,” pops with a fantastic grind, synthy bassline, definitive cadence and Pace’s vocals, immersed in a post-industrial glow. The same holds true for “Vicious,” “Fire” and others. As for instrumentation, “Play Pretend” features synth riffage as well as piano keys.

On the visual side, check out the accompanying video for “Underestimated.” No wonder Pace has shared the stage with Combichrist, Powerman 5000, Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson, KMFDM), Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect), Davey Suicide and more.

For more about Josie Pace, please visit the artist’s official links.


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