Ivory Tower Project: ‘How Much Is More?’

An emotionally charged collection of original music inspired by classic rock and pop artists of the 1970s and 1980s is the best way to describe Ivory Tower Project’s forthcoming album, How Much More. Set for release on Jun. 13, 2017, the 14 compositions emit a retro vibe complete with expertly crafted intros, instrumental solos and vocal work, while a tightly percussive bass and drum battery holds everything together. But this is just the beginning of a deeply, heartfelt story.

As far as albums having a genuine message behind the music, look no further because Ivory Tower Project’s How Much More has it covered and then some. The sonic texture of the tracks on the band’s latest effort, a follow-up to 2008’s debut Red Hot, is reminiscent of Styx, Kansas, Queen, Boston, Foreigner and other immensely popular vintage FM-friendly bands. But the backstory is as compelling as the music. In fact, after listening to How Much More, including the 4:11 “Please Tell Me,” about the group’s original drummer who was a close friend, you’ll likely agree every second is packed with sentiment and pain, while remaining inspiring. Sprinkle in a dose of camaraderie among bandmates and it’s no wonder ITP was nominated in four categories at the 2016 Nashville Universe Music Awards.

Formed in the 1980s, the first Ivory Tower Project lineup included cofounding member, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Regula; Sal DiAngelo – drums; and Ivan Elias (Patty Smyth and Scandal) – bass. The lyricist for the group was songwriter Johnny Jace. But nobody ever accused Regula and company of having an angel on their shoulder. DiAngelo soon passed away in 1983. Elias died in 1995 and Jace, 2003. Hold on because tragedy continued to follow Ivory Tower Project, when Regula was seriously injured in an automobile accident during 2009. As a result, Mark was barely able to walk and still battles constant pain. You would think that would be enough to finish off the band. Not so fast.

Despite the adversity and thanks to Regula’s tenacity, the New York-based Ivory Tower Project continues making music. The current incarnation has Regula on bass, vocals, keyboard, guitar and percussion with longtime collaborator, Tony Novarro, as guitarist, recording engineer, backing vocalist and cowriter. Together, they produced How Much More, which contains some of the last lyrics written by Johnny Jace. For Regula, the music has been his “savior.” After hearing How Much More, on Guerilla Records®, that point clearly speaks for itself. For more about Ivory Tower Project visit www.ivorytowerproject.com, Facebook, Twitter or the CD Baby music store.

Ivory Tower Project – “Surf Song” Official Video – ITPMark/Facebook; photos – Ivory Tower Project

Album art – The Art Of Ed Unitsky


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