How To Succeed In the Music Business: Try Segue 61

Segue 61 Talented music industry hopefuls take note. Whether you are interested in songwriting, audio engineering, artist development, or one of several other related disciplines, Catawba College’s Segue 61 music business certificate program is designed for success. Located in Nashville, Tenn., Segue 61 joins music industry mentors with students for an added dose of valuable training.

Connection to Famous Music Artists

The creative coordinator for the Segue 61 program is guitar ace Guthrie Trapp. But the influential music artists on staff do not stop there. Instructors include Grammy Award-winningGUTHRIE TRAPP songwriters and producers and members of the Songwriting and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Mega-selling musician John Hall of Hall and Oates has a special, personal connection to Catawba (NC.) Hall recently revealed to a group of students how a family friend from Catawba turned him onto acoustic folk music as a child. He described how that experience helped shape his best-selling sound.

The School’s Philosophy

According to the Segue 61 website:

  • “The curriculum has been created in close collaboration with key music industry figures in Nashville and beyond to formulate a music school like no other.”

The inaugural class of Segue 61 has just completed training. The second class begins Aug. 8. For more information about this unique preparatory program visit Segue 61.


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