Guy Paul Thibault’s ‘It’s About Time’: A Rock Music Mix, His Solo Recording Comeback

Guy Paul After first hearing about guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer Guy Paul Thibault, we were not sure what to expect. But the Nova Scotia-based musician’s new collection of ten original songs, It’s About Time, possibly the acoustic-electric fretster’s best work to date, changed everything. With six previously released albums under his belt, the latest studio recording marks Guy Paul’s first solo music project in 17 years. Meantime, he has performed live more than 2,500 times.

     Music, Style and Song    

The 3:28 opening track, “Here She Comes,” a rhythmic unplugged cut, features quick moving acoustic guitar chords, likely using a pick based on the sound of string percussion, cycling in typical music fashion. The difference is GuyGuy Paul Paul’s voice, which has a certain edgy John Mellencamp folkish quality, or maybe even Steve Earle. Guy’s singing is nicely balanced and never bleeds into the playing. This one has all the earmarks of a veteran singer-songwriter at work. But It’s About Time contains much more than just tempting acoustic originals.

Thibault changes things up with “Misdemeanor,” which breaks out into a memorable electric melody –one that warrants radio rotation in a big way– complete with foot stomping “nah- nah- nah-nah, nah, nah’s…” The artist’s timing and instrument playing is spot on and the production warm. Also with an acoustic intro, classic rock best describes the tag for “Misdemeanor.” “We Just Don’t Care” carries another electric message, this time around with a tense approach à la some thicker drum sticks.

Guy Paul Thibault-jpg.comMore Originals

Whether playing acoustic six and 12-string guitars, electric, bass or slide, Guy Paul has a hunger for anything with frets and strings. GP also proves he has an appetite for melodies with “Saturday Night,” evoking an easier, almost country comfort crossover appeal. Nice picking, too. Then there’s the lingering delay-tinged chorus of “Tallest Man in the World,” which leaves you humming the words.

With guest appearances by Shawn Cherry and David Bradshaw, Guy Paul can be proud of his reemergence as a solo recording professional.

It’s About Time is available at iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and Google Play. Songs are also on Soundcloud.  Catch Guy Paul Thibault at any number of venues, including Nova Scotia’s Atlantica Oak Island Resort and Marina.


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