Liberty Lies: ‘Are You Listening?’

Liberty Lies-jpg.comWith blistering, high gain guitar clout and the potential to erupt at any moment, the music of Liberty Lies typically features outstanding fretboard harmonics and towering vocals. No wonder the band has heavy metalists and alternative rockers plugged in and taking note. But that is only half of the story behind the group’s current single, “Are You Listening?” Gnarly, scorching and a bit nu-metalish, you can hear how this axe-driven tune carries a special message.

An Exceptional Cut

Right out of the gate, “Are You Listening?,” produced by Romesh Dodangoda, has penetrating gravity and presence, thanks in part to the unrelenting drums and bass, which provide a powerful rhythmic accompaniment of artistic finesse. While harmonic-laden guitar leads hum with aggressive picking, the vocal work ranges from vigorous prog rock-tinted harmonies to classic metal growl enunciations and more. Generally speaking, the sum total of “Are You Listening?” is 3:11 of exceptional musicianship.

Making a Point 

After releasing two EPs, an album and several singles – all self-financed – Liberty Lies has something important toLiberty say about being a contemporary indie band. Read between the lines and you get the gist: “Life, it let me down, my choice is never chosen and my answers never found… when you become a voice without reason…but… are you listening?” Without question, those fired-up words are meant as a commentary against stifling forces. According to the band, “The song was born out of frustration in the practice room and with the industry itself.”

As far as metal and contemporary rock goes, Liberty Lies is undoubtedly a cut above the Liberty Lies-jpg.comrest, both live and in the studio. That is probably why the Wednesbury, West Midlands-based group has amassed a loyal fan base. One Lies enthusiast told us he is, “A firm supporter of Liberty Lies” and called the group’s debut album, Reflections, “Superb.” Others on social media have described “Are You Listening?” as “Awesome stuff” and “Amazing.” Following a couple of personnel changes, the current lineup includes Shaun Richards – lead vocals; Adam Stevens – drums; Josh Pritchett – guitar; Liam Billings – guitar; and Miles Bagshaw – bass. Richards, Stevens and Pritchett are original members.

The hugely popular concert band is currently in the studio working on a new album with Romesh Dodangoda. But in the meantime, check out “Are You Listening?” Seriously, it’s that good.


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