Hannah Clive’s ‘Remember to Breathe’: About Encouragement, Advice and Compassion

Hannah Clive-jpg.comAn influential voice has emerged on the British indie music scene and her name is Hannah Clive. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s new single, “Remember To Breathe,” a blend of original lyrics, vocals and inspiration, carries a message about coping that goes beyond the usual balance and flow. Clive’s words and music offer a personal message vis-à-vis getting through to the other side of whatever life has thrown your way. But there is more.

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Any discussion of “Remember to Breathe” must begin with the vocal work. Besides playing piano, Clive, who was voted “Artist of the Year” by fans and judges at Canada’s 2017 Starlight Music Chronicles Awards, sings lead and backup, creating refined harmony andHannah Clive-jpg.com dimension in 2/4 time. With drums, programming and production by noted UK music producer Brian Tench, Hannah’s singing remains at the front of the mix throughout the song. The recording, written by the multi-genre vocalist, has a Kate Bush-type of polish, while the sound is all Hannah Clive.

Released Nov. 17th on Bandcamp, the 3:45 track is a lesson on how to create a favorable, contemporary music mix. The precisely placed slight delay separating the lead and backing vocals, which are all Hannah’s, is perfectly timed. What’s more, the beat is comfortably metered and just as accessible. But it’s the meaning behind the lyrics that raises “Remember to Breathe” to another level. The daughter of the late actor and best-selling author John Clive, the singer’s words of support are emotionally reassuring by design.

Behind the Music

Hannah Clive-jpg.com

The London-based artist has penned a song of personal expectation, which contains a key understanding for the listener: “…you’ve got no idea, of what’s going on in here, if you could only see…there’s a hope that burns in me and now I’m coming up for air but…just remember to breathe, just remember to breathe.” According to Clive, whether the issue is “domestic violence, sexual harassment, single motherhood, depression, anxiety, divorce or grief,” “Remember to Breathe” is primarily a song “About women, for women and by a woman,” though the meaning can apply to anyone “coping with oppression.”

Previous releases from Hannah Clive include the Richmond Park Sessions, Red Sand, Hannah Clive, the single “Kiss of Life” and collaboration with The Herbaliser on “Lost Boy.”






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