Just Like Fruit’s ‘Funfair’: An Alt-Pop-Rock Song Party

Just Like Fruit-jpg.comDuring the opening moments of the video for “Funfair,” the latest single from Just Like Fruit, the bass player loses his hat and a bandmate coolly romps with a classic Danelectro® guitar while wearing large dark sunglasses. You immediately know the situation is going to spiral out of control. There is no denying Just Like Fruit’s magnetic groove and musicianship will have you hooked right from the start. But this only begins to describe the music.

More about the Song

Listening to “Funfair” can be habit forming. The 3:08 studio track has the potential to wear out the replay function on any device, a clear indication the recording ranks as a new, personal favorite. The entire process does not take long. An inviting intro leads things off with two guitars before the drums kick in and the fun really begins. While the rhythm battery keeps everything moving at a contagious meter, the guitars provide overwhelming drive and appeal sure to win new listeners. The instrumentation and performance are solid and without a blemish. Yet, this is not the end of the story.Just Like Fruit-jpg.com

The singing shares center stage courtesy of frontman Dion Mason-Poole’s winning vocals. Poole epitomizes the Brighton and London-based band’s tongue-in-cheek side, bringing a distinct personal style to the music with contemporary lyric emphasis, sparsely subtleJust Like Fruit-jpg.com inflections and melody. Add everything up and the result is a sound that leaves listeners smiling. So will the production. The song absolutely blooms on larger stereo speakers.

“Funfair” is proof of the band’s expertise in the studio; however, the group also has a strong following of concertgoers. Just Like Fruit is Dion Mason-Poole – lead vocals; Taran Pring – lead guitar; Ryan Melbourne-Hurley – bass; Erwin Lotasz – drums; and Kieran Matthews – rhythm guitar. The entertaining video for “Funfair” was shot and produced by Sheridan Griffiths of SYN.C.

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