Music Review: Of Good Nature’s ‘Take Me Anywhere’

Of Good

Of Good Nature-jpg.comListeners will discover a flawlessly balanced rock-reggae mix encompassing jazz, funk, reggaeton and more in the new single, “Take Me Anywhere,” from Of Good Nature. Forget about music hybrids, since OGN’s style and technique reveal a genuine blend of ideas within an inviting, offbeat rhythm. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based indie band’s fusion-friendly depth is clearly heard in “Take Me Anywhere.” But this only begins to describe the music.

A Favored Sound

Right from the start, the bass play in “Take Me Anywhere” is funky and precise, while not overly heavy or thick. At :09 into the recording, a beautifully strummed guitar chord with sophisticated jazz tone signals this is about to be something special. Lingering horn solos and fills combine with the guitar to create harmonic rhythm changes by way of syncopated reggae pulses. Some delay on the guitar adds a bit of rich warmth.Of Good

In addition, the drumming provides skillfully finessed musical structure. The close-fitting interplay between the drums and bass is excellent; so are the tempo changes. It’s a pleasure listening to the snare and cymbals interlace with the bass work. Reggae music requires a tight rhythm section and Of Good Nature has just that. This is what can happen when talented musicians get together to make a song. Yet there is more to this story.

*Watch Of Good Nature in the Studio*

The guitar, bass, horn line and drums give way to an R&B-ish hip-hop vocal vibe and an essential part of the track’s distinct character. The lyrics, “I think she wasn’t honest, she didn’t try her hardest…I wouldn’t even recognize her anymore,” ring with contemporary rap rhyme. At the same time, the recurring verse of “Take Me Anywhere” has a certain classic rock charisma. Kudos goes to the singing. These are all characteristics of a winning formula. What’s more, the vocals are keenly complimented by the trombone, adding to the melody.

Of Good Nature-jpg.comAll things considered, the production is smoothly balanced and the recording seamless. Released Feb. 23, 2018, “Take Me Anywhere” was produced by Danny Kalb, who has worked with many outstanding artists, including Ben Harper, Beck and Foster The People, to name a few. Of Good Nature is Cameron Brown – guitar/vocals; Joey Vachon – drums/percussion/vocals; Brandon Hucks – trombone; David Hamilton Jr. – drums; and Jon Reed – bass.

Performance, arrangement and exceptional sound makes “Take Me Anywhere” a recommended choice. No wonder the group has thousands of monthly listens on Spotify and a devoted fan base.

On Stage Now   

Chances are fans will be able to hear “Take Me Anywhere” performed live by Of Good Nature as the band is active in the East coast concert scene. Having opened for Blues Traveler, Steel Pulse and others, OGN has impressed crowds during back-to-back appearances on the ‘Sail Across The Sun’ cruise, hosted by Train.

Of Good Nature is represented by Clairvoyant PR, which continues to be the source of exciting new indie bands, including reggae rockers Street Pharmacy.

Enthusiasts can find other tracks from Of Good Nature on Soundcloud. Press Inquiries are directed to Shawn Hallman at

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