Indie Music Alert: Indya

Indya-jpg.comAmped up and kickass with a touch of Joan Jett meets Amy Winehouse via Lacuna Coil describes the new single “Tha Final Line (Dark Mix)” from the band Indya. While the music radiates a heavy-Indya-jpg.comduty metal sensibility within a glam persona, lead singer Natalie Indya West brings a contemporary, almost rap quality, to the vocals. Featuring Hedra frontman James Marten, the result is a winning formula, complete with a cranked rhythm section and thick guitar harmonics.

Indya also has released “Tha Final Line” as a standard mix. Produced by David Charles Needham, the songs are a preview from the forthcoming album Rebel Music. Okay, we’re convinced.

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Natalie Indya West – Twitter

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