Music Interview: A Conversation With Coyote Creed


By Midnight Furie

Here is an excerpt from my show The Midnight Hour featuring Coyote Creed. The Wales-based band with a southern twist recently added a notch to the group’s music belt by way of a debut album titled Can’t Get Enough. Guitar driven, outside the recording studio, Coyote Creed is devoted to playing live. But as you know, this is merely the beginning of the story.

An Interview With Coyote Creed

Midnight Furie: Hello darlings, I’m Midnight Furie. Earlier this week I had the delicious pleasure of sitting down to an alfresco dinner at Côte in Cardiff Bay, which was notably free of coyotes, but I had plenty of seagulls to make up for it. I started off by asking the boys from Coyote Creed to introduce themselves to you.

Coyote Creed:  I’m Colin [Richards]; bass player. I’m Andy [Harding]; drummer. And I’m Jack [Thomas]; rhythm guitar. I’m Dave [Mac]; vocals, guitar and Newports.

You guys are fairly new. You’ve only been on the scene a couple of years. How did it all happen?

Well, we were knocking around as musicians anyway. And I’d say about two-and-a-half years ago that me, Andy and Jack got together. They listened to some of the songs I was writing and thought we want some of that. So, we got together and formed the band. And then Colin came on about a year later when the original bass player decided to up and leave. He [Colin] has been a solid member since then.

Your new album, Can’t Get Enough, is getting rave reviews. How do you feel about that?

Oh terrible! No, it’s really good. We’re getting some traction. And the reviews that we’ve had, like you said, have been great, cannot get enough. It’s really nice to hear people say positive things about something you’ve created. It’s a nice feeling. It is quite scary when you create something and put it out there for people to listen and you’re waiting to see what’s going to happen. It has been quite positive. It’s been great.

It is varied on the album. You know, there are some good rockers on there and some mellower country rock tunes as well. And it’s an album. Nobody makes albums anymore. You go and listen to it as an album. We’re not just about the singles. We want that whole sort of 70s, 60s vibe, where if you get an album, you put it on and really seem to go on that journey. It seems slightly more underground or extreme music that is still doing the albums. You know, country, you still do an album. Metal, you still do an album.

What is your style of music? Some people describe it as southern rock.

Just to make a point about this southern rock thing. Southern rock, like Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers, the whole point of them was that they were influenced by the British Invasion, like The Yardbirds, The Beatles and The Stones and they put their southern twang on it. So even though it has a southern rock label, as a songwriter, those are where my influences come from. But really it’s the same if you go throughout musical history. They give it to us in rock and roll and we give it back to them and they give it back to us. We’re not trying to imitate that.

Would it be fair to say that the lyrics you write are things you’ve experienced, things from the heart?

Yes, some of the stuff comes from personal experience. It’s the same as if you’re writing a book or you’re an actor, you’ve got to create characters as well. Some characters just come to you. We have another three albums worth of material that we have to catch up on. It becomes a matter of finding time for it all.

Where do you do your recordings?

Anywhere we can find a space. No really, normally up in Bridgend and Swansea are the two places in that area. But it’s all in-house and done by us. There’s no eight-sided recording studio or record label, it’s purely a back to doing it ourselves DIY. And what we do on record is what we do on stage. There’s really very little difference and there’s definitely no difference in how we play it. You find quite a lot that you listen to a band that sounds great on CD and then you go and see the band and it’s not quite right. The quality is there both live and in recording.

For more about Coyote Creed please visit:

The artist’s official home page





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