New Music Now Series: The Groove Project’s ‘Pilot’ Debut

Groove Project-jpg.comThe Groove Project taps into the age-old fascination with flight during the band’s contemporary new single. As the lead song from an upcoming concept album due out in 2020, “Pilot” delivers a smooth jazz narrative. The 4:15 music cut is inspired directly by author Michael Althusser’s quote, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the Pilot.” Keeping those words in mind, for The Groove Project, the sky is the limit.

Each member of The Groove Project brings a distinct perspective to the band’s music. Collectively, the group’s message is offered loud and clear in “Pilot.” The resulting musicianship is heard throughout the instrumentation of the track. In true jazz style, production is clean with flawless separation of leads and polished fusion energy.Groove Released Jul. 31, 2019 as a download, check out the keyboard solo at 1:45 into “Pilot.” Generally speaking, instead of clouds, The Groove Project presents sun-filled skies with little chance of rain.

If everything goes according to plans, The Groove Project intends to release a new single each month, concluding next summer with the completion of the entire full-length album. Right now, “Pilot” is available at Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. Be sure to watch the accompanying Youtube video. In the meantime, the band’s lineup on “Pilot,” fronted by Grammy® Award nominated artist, producer and songwriter Arun Shenoy and the highly praised producer Matthew Shell, includes Marcus Mitchell – saxophone; Lonnie Park – keyboards, vocals; David Joubert – keyboards; Samituru – guitar; Hector Ruano – bass; and Glenn Wellman – drums.

On the Narked record label, “Pilot” is produced by Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy; ©2019 MTS Music (BMI), Arun Shenoy Music Publishing (BMI), ℗2019 Narked Records.

Distribution of “Pilot” is by DashGo. Radio promotion is Neal Sapper at New World N Jazz Marketing and Publicity. Marketing by Beth Hilton at The B Company.


Paul Wolfle-jpg.comPaul Wolfle, the publisher of, is a web-based journalist and guitar player who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow a positive presence by way of the World Wide Web.


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