Guitar Shop Tees: A Year Round Club for Musicians and Fans

Guitar Shop Tees-jpg.comThough largely geared toward players, limited-edition Guitar Shop Tees have a natural affinity for music enthusiasts in general, as well as collectors. Advertising an assortment of esteemed guitar stores from around the country, often having long-standing histories, the unique shirts are understated yet always in fashion. Here lies part of the charm. Guitar Shop Tees is not a retail store, but rather a club, where the shirts are delivered by mail.

On stage or in the crowd, with unassuming yet appealing concepts and fonts, each Guitar Shop tee is retired after purchase, truly rendering every shirt distinct. Adding to the tees one-of-a-kind-ness, shirts are not sold outside of the subscription plan. Keep in mind, subscribers cannot select the particular shirt design; the key word here isuitar Shop distinct. The assorted, stylized emblems are linked to the store name and shirt colors vary, including among others, black, navy blue, heather gray, olive green, military green, indigo and silver. Discretion is solely left to Guitar Shop Tees.

Some shirts do nothing more than brandish photographic images, losing touch with the powerful tee-shirt mystique and culture that has evolved over time, particularly within music. But not Guitar Shop Tees, where creative ideas lend to classic but contemporary designs, fit for rock, metal or something altogether different. Guitar Shop Tees offers two styles of shirts; classic and vintage fits. Classic fit is Guitar Shop’s signature shirt and a bit wider compared to the vintage’s side-seamed Guitar Shop Tees-jpg.comconstruction, which translates to more of a tapered cut.

Membership plans for Guitar Shop Tees includes monthly – $25; three months – $22 per shirt; six months – $22 per shirt; and a one year option – $22 per shirt. In order to join, pick a plan and a shirt size and Guitar Shop Tees will do the rest, including delivery. The first shirt ofuitar Shop our three month plan, ordered under a personal name, features Guitar Hangar of Brookfield, Connecticut and is black with a Flying V inside a circular gray, white and red logo. The design is neatly done and striking against the black material. The vintage fit tee arrived with two decals, guitar pick and a Guitar Hangar flyer. On the back of a small rectangular tag, the advertisement indicates “100% Sweatshop and Cruelty Free.”

All in all, Guitar Shop Tees lived up to expectations. Subscriptions can also be sent as a gift. For more about Guitar Shop Tees, please visit the official website.


Paul Wolfle-jpg.comPaul Wolfle is the publisher of and a web-based journalist who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow a positive presence on the World Wide Web.


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