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DJ Matt Black-jpg.comFor keeping informed on up-to-the-minute nightlife and entertainment, DJ Matt Black knows best. From dusk to dawn and sometimes beyond, finding the party is the first step toward having a good time. Recognized by enthusiasts for spinning a pumped song selection, including EDM, House and otherwise, British DJ, record producer and musician Matt Black has a handle on the after-hours scene. For the latest, spoke with DJ Matt Black. As a DJ and producer, in your opinion, where are the best clubs for partiers focused on music to visit right now?

DJ Matt Black: Depending on what type of electronic music you’re looking for, the top destinations that have a wide variety include Ibiza, Spain, which hosts some of the best resident DJs in the world. From dance, trance, house and techno, very busy in the peak season and no matter where you go on the island, it’s always buzzing with life, counting the beach parties and watching the sunset at the notorious Mambo Bar as well as the boat parties. Nightclubs here are some of the best, but can be pricey depending on who you are going to see. So make sure whatever cash you are thinking about bringing, double it as a bottle of water in a nightclub can set you back 12 euros for 500ml.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands hosts some of the best record labels and DJs full of culture and new sounds and the eye candy is not too bad either. With smoking clubs and amazing events and festivals, Amsterdam is a very current sound zone, busy with new talent and amazing friendly parties for all cultures and music types. And if you are feeling adventurous, while in The Netherlands, hop on the train and visit Utrecht, a college town with amazing parties. You will have a great time and meet a huge range of new people and made to feel welcome by everyone. Just don’t forget about the city tax when booking your hotel.DJ Matt

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a place that literally never sleeps. With such a vibrant party culture that is host to its own funky sound, beach gatherings are day or night. So, if the heat gets too much, you can always be a raving owl under the moon at some amazing clubs and street festivals. You will be in for a real culture shock when visiting such an outgoing party district full of bright new sounds and amazing stylish DJs whoalways seem to be so energetic and full of life.

Berlin, Germany, what can I say. But are you ready to rave? This is a hotspot for electronic DJs and producers with hardcore vinyl lovers and pioneers of new sound and musical equipment. This is where you find the hardcore ravers who party all night and then leave the club to go to work in the morning. Berlin is also host to some major labels and real creators that insist on live production performances. If you don’t fit the bill, you are definitely not performing here because of the political musical tastes. Nevertheless, Berlin is a must place to party if you’re looking for something new with deep-rooted connections to old school ways.

Bristol, United Kingdom, is a creative cultural hub. But everyone thinks about going to top locations like London. This really is not the entire case when coming to the United Kingdom for music. Every area literally has its own sound and amazing quality and feel. Bristol has to be one of the most creative and culturally rich hubs in the United Kingdom, so much great sound and influences are in Bristol, including amazing DJs and producers. From its urban creative scene you really get this deep-rooted UK sound that is untouchable in so many genres. Nightlife here gets busy, buzzing with amazing conversations about music. You are always going to be leaving trying to ID tracks.

Where are the most currently exclusive DJ nightclubs?

There are so many exclusive clubs and raves going on now and some are by invite-only. There is one club in Berlin called Berghain, housed in a former East Berlin power station and notorious to party from Friday night to Monday afternoon with sex rooms, bondage dancers and 60 hours of drug-fueled parting described as, “The best place on Earth.” So, if your weekend club isn’t cutting it anymore, head to Berlin for the weekend. Then clear your books for a week of recovery. That is not your phone ringing. It’s still your ears.

Now, as for exclusive clubs by prestige, places include Top of the Standard, formerly known as New York’s Boom Boom Room; XS in Las Vegas; LIV at Fontainebleau Miami; Le Montanain Paris; and Bonbonierre in London are exclusive. But to be honest, you will have a better time in Berghain if you are looking for a real party.

Considering the holiday season, are some underground raves a possibility? Does being underground artistically shape or influence the music you present at the event?

Underground raves are always a possibility in any season but finding them is not. To find raves, you need to be in the know. If not, I have some tips, for the digital age has issued a whole new type of underground scene. Back in the day, they used to spread events by word of mouth and only knowing the location at the last minute. Now, you can find raves digitally, where people share their locations over popular social sites and private messaging services. On Instagram for example, you can search illegal rave and you will see in the search where people are sharing location or hashtags that will lead you to that event. It is up to you. Going is at your own risk.

Some of the best music has come from the 90s rave scene and has a foundation, or template, to mainstream music genres today. The underground events will definitely shape your creative spirit and help you as a producer or music influencer, to help shape your music. But if you want to sell your music in a commercial setting, I would stick to templates and structured material with the exotic sound from the underground in a watered-down shorter version that is more appealing to a wider audience with a short term attention span.

Are desert and resort festivals more fun for serious club enthusiasts? How so?

If you are looking for more than just a night out and more of a musical holiday, yes, I have found and met more music lovers at festivals and party hubs than in clubs. I’ve been able to connect more with the music and the people that flock to these festivals. The music is not just music. It’s a journey, the progression of the artist and of the sound and it reflects the artist, connecting with our daily lives, past events and future hopes, dreams and ambitions. People travel all around the world to events, like the desert’s Burning Man, which is awesome. There are also desert raves in Saudi Arabia. There are many festivals, events, raves and clubs and travelers touring the world experiencing it all. It is a serious journey in aspects and angles.

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