Year in Review Highlight with Larry Pascale’s ‘Black & Blue’: Hard Rock Meets Melodic

Larry Pascale-jpg.comArmed with a variety of explosive solid body and semi-hollow axes, Larry Pascale clearly is a masterful guitar player and more. Plus, a six-string rocker with a great voice always has a place on the music scene, no matter the trends, so make way for Larry Pascale. Often a one man band in the studio, the New Jersey Born, Illinois-based musician also is a songwriter, bassist, producer and recording engineer with a solo album currently available.

As the lead singer of Classic Journey Live, Pascale has fiery vocal chops covering core Steve Perry material. The show has been described as a premiere Journey experience. Pascale’s creativity is similarly demonstrated during the artist’s current solo album, Black & Blue, featuring nine original tracks. If there is a single song that captures the dimensionality of the multi-talented musician, the choice would be the 3:45 title cut. A hard rocking mix with vocals that doLarry not hold back, the track has a big 80s album oriented sound. Meanwhile, guitar fills and solos are amped up well beyond ten. Listen closely, as high pitched harmonics jump from the string play, perhaps most noticeably at 2:22.

Another highpoint from Black & Blue, where melodic comes in, is “Just Three Days.” Pascale delivers heightened vocals with nice harmonies and a deep guitar to match. Considering no vocal auto-tuning or tone correcting harmonizers were used in the making of Black & Blue, contemporary enthusiasts will appreciate the overall effort behind the project. Track four, “I’m Not Dead Yet,” is a fast growing favorite, as Pascale’s vocals and guitar kind of play off of each other at times. A fan of the vintage Keeley Red Dirt OD pedal and Washburn Flying V’s, for hard rock and melodic aficionados, as well as others, the cuts from Larry Pascale’s Black & Blue collection are worthy of further discovery.

Larry Pascale-jpg.comAiming to have a positive listening effect, for more about Larry Pascale please visit:

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2 thoughts on “Year in Review Highlight with Larry Pascale’s ‘Black & Blue’: Hard Rock Meets Melodic

  1. Black & Blue has it all. Larry Pascale’s charisma, knowledge and musical talent not only performing in different platform of genres but being multi talented is truly an incredible gift. This album is a scorcher!

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