Sunflower Thieves’ ‘Hide And Seek’: Unrivaled Independent Music And Warmth – Summer Ready

Sunflower Thieves-jpg.comFFO: Folk, Rock, Pop

A textured blend of vocal harmonies and pleasantly paced acoustic strumming only begin to describe the musicianship during Sunflower Thieves new song. Melodious, sometimes fragile and pensive, listening to “Hide And Seek” is about getting lost in the moment through the music. Sunflower Thieves just have that effect. The latest recording is perhaps celestial consonance, grounded in skillful singing and playing.

The one word that sums up the new single from Sunflower Thieves is performance. With vocals and acoustic guitar being the driving force of Sunflower Thieves, comparisons to Indigo Girls, or maybe Kate and Anna McGarrigle are logical. But with “Hide And Seek,” released May 29, 2020, esthetic parallels and atmosphere runs closer to The Roches. Even so, Sunflower Thieves have created their own sound and an exceptional song containing rich, harmonic complexities.

The 3:15 track begins with vocals that evoke a choral atmosphere and dimension. Production is clear as the acoustic guitar is brought up in the volume of the mix. The singing, front and center, flows while conjuring an angelic soothing mixture. An organ, barely noticeable, lends to the subtleties. It sounds like the layers andSunflower instruments are kept to a minimum while the duo strategically place vocals and guitar for a sometimes unearthly effect of audible faultlessness. Folk enthusiasts, folk-rock aficionados, pop listeners and others are inclined to enjoy “Hide And Seek.”

Sunflower Thieves are excellent at singing notes which provide a pleasant listening experience. But the Leeds-based band takes things one step further with a combined capacity that exceeds most. Furthermore, the timing of “Hide And Seek” could not be more perfect. With the sunny summer weather approaching and hopefully the Coronavirus becoming less of a threat, Sunflower Thieves’ original song has landed just in time. The cut harkens to a less complicated place of reminiscence and ease. Now, breathe a sigh and hit play.

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