Jorg Aridya’s ‘Intro.Spec.Tive’: An Expression Of Influences Exits The Comfort Zone

Collection of songs offers revealing passion from Texas-based singer, songwriter and music producer

Jorg Aridya-jpg.comFFO: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

An artist with a guitar and an original song can be a powerful combination. Complimentary fret work and original music potentially delivers lasting impressions in different ways. The album Intro.Spec.Tive, from Jorg Aridya, provides a bit of insight into the artist and perhaps listeners as well. Fueled by emotion with an aura of accessibility, Aridya lays bare through Intro.Spec.Tive.

About the music and more

Released Feb. 11, 2021, from Intro.Spec.Tive, the 4:32 “Within A Second” is a personal message about being a parent. Written in just hours, the cut expresses how the world at large sometimes affects Aridya’s children. The multi-instrumentalist has channeled those concerns via the words and music to “Within A Second.”

The intro is lush and spacious, an electric guitar sending out soaring single string notes as Aridya, a proud father, sings, “I cried a million doubts…/I want to be the best I can.” From a broader perspective, the rhythm section and melodic harmonies have a humbucking hard to metal-ish rock strength communicating Aridya’s distinctive stamp and poetic love for family. The recording and arrangement are vibrant and full.Jorg

Driven with a desire to step outside the creative box, Aridya, who was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico but now calls San Antonio home, has included an acoustic 5:06 rendition of “Within A Second” on Intro.Spec.Tive. In addition to the acoustic strings, listen close for a beautiful bass tone. Furthermore, the artist’s vocal excitement is realized against instrumentation stressing less muscle and more finesse. Guitar strumming adds to the rhythm.

Listening and looking around

Searching songs and styles to consider from Intro.Spec.Tive, “Learning To Live” is aggressive and amped, wielding explosiveness and intensity. “The Gallows” is another rocked out highlight. The strength of musicianship throughout “What If I Am,” which also begins with acoustic guitar, is dominating. But enthusiasts will have to decide which cuts deserve the most attention.

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