CorAnima Forges Ahead With Music Projects And Plans

Long Beach, California band emerges with three new tracks

FFO: Hard Rock, Metal 

Breaking free and cutting loose when worldwide pandemic restrictions are finally lifted will require music to go with a celebratory sentiment. Fitting that bill, what began as online creativity among musicians, is now realized in three original songs from the band CorAnima. The soundtrack to restoring post-pandemic pleasure may begin with CorAnima. Here is why.

A trio of hitting play

The beginning of the track “Credo” quickly builds before the band takes over. Released Mar. 5, 2021, production stands out right away, as the song pours from the speakers. Instrumentation is clear and direct as the vocals start at the :17 mark. The 3:18 track has accessibility and drive before the lead vocalist exudes an exploding growl at 2:07.  Metalist’s and hard rockers will be pleased. Radio worthy and ready to crank, a new summer song from an emergent band is available for consideration.

Fresh songs will be a necessity to a post-COVID celebration and CorAmina’s “Imber” should be counted among the contenders. Energized with a flourishing CorAnima music muscle, the beat takes hold as the group delivers another hard rock-meets-metal original. The 3:15 cut is a potent mix of aggressive vocals and playing within an impressive arrangement.

Next up, available since Apr. 23, 2021, the single “Vivamus,” at 3:23 continues the defining spirit and creative attitude of CorAnima in several ways. Nevertheless, at times, the vocals add an almost pop rock feel to the band’s musicianship and edge. Going forward, any restoring normalcy playlists should include CorAnima.

For more, please visit the official CorAnima music links


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