SystemHouse33 Unleashes Playthrough Ahead Of Massive Tour

New “Lake Of Sorrow” video available as band gears up for European concert schedule

FFO: Death Thrash, Groove Metal

A fan favorite among SystemHouse33 enthusiasts, the group’s latest video, “Lake Of Sorrow,” is the first in a series of three planned during the upcoming months, just before the band begins a jam-packed two month concert itinerary on the Double The Thrash Tour 2022. Supporting Nervosa and Warbringer, show dates get underway in February. Right now, make room for the “Lake Of Sorrow” video playthrough.

“Lake Of Sorrow” is an online music project embodying SystemHouse33’s creative energy, despite the widespread shutdown during the pandemic.

From SystemHouse33’s current album, 2019’s End Of Days, the new 4:51 playthrough video for “Lake Of Sorrow,” recorded during the height of lockdown, offers the band and friends in action. While recorded from different locations, the visuals present the musicians as cohesive, cranked and eager to play. Watching the split screen footage of two guitars, drums, bass and amped vocals brings SystemHouse33’s point home to viewers. Aggressive, brutal and always serious, the Mumbai-based band tackles a variety of topics through music, including the growing cruelties committed against women in India.

In 2020 while touring the United States, SystemHouse33 supported heavy metalist’s Soul Fly. This time around, the group brings the music to live audiences on the Double The Thrash Tour 2022 beginning Feb. 17 in Hamburg, Germany. The concert schedule encompasses 18 countries with room for additional dates. But before the tour commences, look for additional music videos from SystemHouse33.

The SystemHouse33 lineup for the “Lake Of Sorrow” playthrough video includes Samron Jude – vocals; Gilroy Fernandes – guitar; Vigneshkumar Venkatraman – guitar; Maria Kosma – bass; and Matyas Geroly – drums.

For more about the music and SystemHouse33, please visit the band’s official site.


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