Far From Your Sun’s ‘The Origin Of Suffering’: A Survey Of Humankind

Band creates musical journey through the ages with contemporary audio-visual perspective  

FFO: Post Rock, Prog Rock

The spelling of the band’s name is the first intriguing aspect of Far From Your Sun. The heliocentric reference initially gave cause for a pause with an interested eyebrow. Following through on instinct, the teaser video for the group’s album, The Origin Of Suffering, proved to be a promising find. Drawing on historic places, poems and beliefs, including ancient Egypt and Oscar Wilde, among others, Far From Your Sun piques the senses.  

The Origin Of Suffering, by Far From Your Sun, is a voyage of sensation, prog rock and the mind.

After hitting play for the YouTube teaser video for Far From Your Sun’s The Origin Of Suffering, the takeaway regarding the music, “A Crown Without Thorns,” is sonically striking. Lush, with a slight echo, the intro resonates with space and presence before erupting into a prog rock blast. Released Mar. 31, 2022, accessing all the Paris, France-based group’s album compositions on Bandcamp lived up to expectation and then some. The 9:17 “Water For Osiris” is perhaps more melodic but still radiates with the distinct Far From Your Sun sound. Song three, “The Hand And The Voice,” beginning with bass and piano, is a growing favorite while “I Felt A Funeral In My Brain” has a similar musical feel. “Where Planets Die” is another highlight but listeners will have to decide the standouts.   

Available as a digital download, Far From Your Sun has a crowdfunding campaign regarding a limited deluxe CD edition of The Origin Of Suffering.

The Origin Of Suffering follows the five track EP Beyond The Light, released Aug. 31, 2021.

As always, Far From Your Sun maintains a prime visual presence in videos, still art and lyrics. According to the band’s website, “Art can be universal and transcend cultures, points of view, traits and many other things…” As a result, Far From Your Sun collaborates with like-minded artists in photography, painting and poetry.

For more about Far From Your Sun, please visit the band’s official links.

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