The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

Suppose the global zombie armageddon struck without warning. Whether caused by a virus or nuclear fallout, that day of reckoning involving the undead could happen at any time. If a worldwide epidemic of voracious corpses started roaming the land for fresh flesh, the living would undoubtedly have to seek asylum far away from the growing threat. In other words, people would have to pick up and move to survive. But what supplies would everyone take with them? Obvious necessities, like food, water and medicine, would be vital. For many survivors, music also would be an essential. If using a personal listening device was possible, what tunes would accompany you during a zombie onslaught?

Here are ten songs with apocalyptic themes, reminding us that fact often starts out as fiction. If anything, this list should be heeded as a warning. Particularly for zombie aficionados, these tracks give off, more or less, an “I told you so” vibe. Hey, according to the contemporary mindset, it could happen.

Do you have your own zombie judgment day playlist? Let us know what you think.

  1. “Radioactive”/Imagine Dragons

As far as sources of zombie-ism go, these rockers hit the nail on the head with this Grammy Award-winning, radio-friendly favorite. From the Imagine Dragons 2012 debut album, Night Visions, radioactive substances sometimes can create zombies. Did you ever watch George Romero’s 1968 classic, Night Of The Living Dead? Case closed.


  1. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”/REM

Apocalypse or not, Michael Stipes and company have a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards reckoning day in this 1987 smash single. Stipes mentions a number of specific climate conditions, along with comedian Lenny Bruce and conductor Leonard Bernstein. Does Mike know Bruce and Bernstein were not zombies?


  1. “Oh Lord Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me”/Charlie Mingus

Mingus came up with this one in 1961, when mushroom clouds were all the rage. The jazz great does not mention zombies, flesh eaters or anything of the sort. Nevertheless, his sentiment is well taken. The legendary double bassist was on the right track. He probably would have loved The Walking Dead television series.


  1. “Zombie”/The Cranberries

No, this song is not about ghouls wandering the earth in search of bloody sustenance. Yet, lead singer Dolores O’Riordan and the Berries raise a valid point about guns, bombs and war. After all, a nuclear strike could unlock the zombies among us. The title alone carries the message.


  1. “Living Dead Girl”/Rob Zombie

Not for nothing, but why would Rob Zombie want to date a “Living Dead Girl?” Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s a zombie. No wonder he sings, “Blood on her skin, dripping with sin, do it again…” Rob points to the possibilities in the aftermath of the apocalypse and it’s not pretty.  But then again, neither is he.


  1. “If I Were A Zombie Girl”/Stephanie Mabey

Stephanie sounds quite normal while strumming her acoustic six-string during this 2010 single. The only thing: she aims to be a zombie. That’s not all. Steph says she wants your heart. Look out because she literally means it. Mabey has a uniquely compassionate take on zombies. Not sure how she’d react during an attack.


  1. “2 Minutes To Midnight”/Iron Maiden

With midnight symbolically representing the proverbial end of the world, these English heavy metalists point out just how close the human race has come to blowing itself up. From 1984’s Powerslave collection, Iron Maiden sounded the alarm about nuclear annihilation. Would have, should have, could have…even without zombies, the Bruce Dickinson/Adrian Smith number remains pretty effective.


  1. “Zombie”/Natalia Kills

Call her Teddy Sinclair or Natalia Kills. Either way, she has no qualms about being in love with the undead. From her 2011 Perfectionist album, Kills gets explicit during this 3:19 track. Too bad she never hooked up with Rob Zombie. Imagine the babies they would create. Move over Rosemary.


  1. “After The Gold Rush”/Neil Young

Though the song is about living in the aftermath of an epic tidal wave, Neil’s lyrics fit perfectly with the apocalypse. Young sings about lying in a burned out basement while staring at the moon and wanting to get high. It sounds feasible. Imagine the same scenario, but just replace the tidal wave with zombies. He was definitely on to something.


  1. “Children Of The Grave”/Black Sabbath

Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear? That’s precisely what Ozzy and the crew asked during this Sabbath metal creation. Though zombies can be born from a virus or some other life-altering microbe, it seems nuclear fallout is generally recognized as being the potential precursor. Ozzy knew it.


Video: American Eye/YouTube


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