Millennials and Beyond: McCartney Has It Covered

With millennials being the graduating class of 2000, generally speaking, an 18 year old student would have been born in 1982. Of course, strict definitions are always susceptible to argument. But one thing that never presents a squabble is the genius of Paul McCartney. Among his many achievements, the former Beatle helped launch the British music invasion of the 1960s and then scored mega-hits again during the 1980s, roughly when the millennial generation came into being. But there is a lot more.


Paul McCartney knows precisely how to tap into the musical heartbeat of the matter. For instance, long before the famous musician rocked the charts with pop powerhouses Rihanna and Kanye West, on 2015’s “FourFiveSeconds,” Mr. “Maybe I’m Amazed” was big when millennials were first being born. In 1982, the Liverpudlian legend joined Grammy Award-winner Stevie Wonder as the duo welcomed the millennial generation with the smash, “Ebony And Ivory.” Sir Paul followed with 1983’s “Say, Say, Say,” featuring Michael Jackson. Both best-selling songs went to number one.

Paul McCartney is clearly a rock star of the highest order. After the Fab Four split in 1970, McCartney’s sound changed a little bit, but he has never really had to reinvent himself as an artist. To his credit, the sometimes frontman for Wings has always retained that distinguishable McCartney sound. If you don’t believe it, ask any millennial.

Photos: Paul McCartney performs the Beatles’ song “Blackbird” during his BBC Electric Proms performance at the Roundhouse in Camden, London, England, Oct. 25, 2007 – Rich007 is the author, from Flickr and Creative Commons (CC); Rihanna from Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Nov. 1, 2008 – Gemma Mary from Gympie, Australia/CC; ‘FourFiveSeconds’ video – Rihanna VEVO/YouTube; Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder At the Whitehouse – PaulMcCartneyHD.Peru/YouTube; Video for SNL Lampoons Cam Newton & Peyton Manning’s Ebony And Ivory – POLITICAL VISION/YouTube; ‘Millennials (I’m A Millennial Anthem)’ – Jacob Cass/YouTube.


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