Motion Device Video: Highly Detectable Metal

Motion Device has a serious metal vibe that warrants further attention. But after watching the YouTube premiere of “Doves + Snakes,” chances are the band will have you hooked anyway. Lead singer, Sara Menoudakis, 15, has been fronting the group since she was nine years old. Nevertheless, do not let her age fool you. Menoudakis and company can reel off anything from Sabbath to Dream Theater, along with a set list of solid originals. But there is a lot more to the Motion Device story than meets the eye and ear. Ten million YouTube viewers have visited the band’s channel and that number is growing.

The official music video for “Doves + Snakes” was released Jul. 22, via YouTube, though the track can also be found on Motion Device’s 2015 album debut, ETERNALIZE. With the latest video, you can appreciate the band’s sonic no-nonsense delivery. The bass intro/riff is great stuff. So is the rest of the cut from this Canadian-based band. In addition to lead singer, Sara Menoudakis, Motion Device is Andrea Menoudakis, Sara’s sister, on bass/keyboards; David Menoudakis, their brother, plays drums; and cousin, Josh Marrocco, takes care of the guitar work.

Motion Device is not a music apparition. Listen closely and you will find out why. The group has a particular prog-metal sophistication mixed with contemporary hard rock sensibility. Think of them as being the antidote to Echosmith. No offense to Echosmith, but there is clearly no pop filler to Motion Device. For instance, during “Doves + Snakes,” Marrocco’s picking is edgy yet never egotistic. The same holds true for the drumming. Plus, Andrea Menoudakis’s bass skills are superb. Of course, all of that sets the stage for Sara’s singing. Age differences acknowledged, where Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia is Goth and Paramore’s Hayley Williams radio-friendly, Sara Menoudakis radiates a more badass groove. Yes, Sara and Motion Device are that good. If you need a dose of metal, check them out.


4 thoughts on “Motion Device Video: Highly Detectable Metal

  1. Great review.
    It’s worth noting that Motion Device are now in the studio recording their biggest project to date – a full double cd concept album to be called “Wide Awake”.
    Additionally, it’s worth noting that Motion Device have rejected all offers from the entertainment industry, as all involved handing over control of their music, and producing what pleases the corporate suits instead of the fans. They’d be financially secure, but with no artistic freedom.
    Instead, they have reached out to the fans for funding for all their original recordings to date, and in every case, the money has not just been raised, but far exceeded, allowing Motion Device to plough even more back into producing the music they and their fans like to hear.
    Wide Awake will be debuted at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, Canada on the 29th July 2017, when the whole two hours of it will be played live. If I was on the same continent, I’d be there!

  2. how does one describe this band “Marrocco’s picking is edgy yet never egotistic. The same holds true for the drumming. Plus, Andrea Menoudakis’s bass skills are superb. Of course, all of that sets the stage for Sara’s singing.” that sums it up for me. good article. Md rules!

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