Jerry Hull: ‘Cherokee Moon’

Jerry Hull has just released the paramount collection of his solo indie discography. Titled Cherokee Moon, the keyboard master has recorded and produced 28 original songs of assorted stylings, including pop, country, jazz, orchestral, Americana and more. To say that Jerry knows how to craft a great song would be an understatement. In fact, legendary rocker David Crosby recently liked one of Hull’s previous tunes, “Astronaut Armstrong,” on Twitter. That was just before Hull dropped Cherokee Moon. If the CSN&Y singer liked that one, no doubt he will love Hull’s new album,  which is available as a double CD or download.

Right off the bat, Hull pulls no punches with the opening cut from Cherokee Moon. Using a well-designed intro, he reels off a rocker, “The Wicked Lady Is Back!” which has a contemporary Elton John vibe along with some Little Richard thrown in for good measure.  The British-based singer-songwriter, arranger and producer, is an EJ aficionado. With that said, the winning songs don’t stop there. “Roll On American” is another gem. Reminiscent of an early Billy Joel melody, the piano work flows and so does the production value. Speaking of production, Jerry outdoes himself on the skillfully layered instrumental “Citadel of Sanctuary.” As someone once said, “The hits just keep on coming.”

Clocking in at 3:57, “Nothing Much I Can Do” is a pop driven, radio-friendly winner that never quits. No doubt, JH had a lot of fun cranking out this original. The bluesy and at times Peter Allen-ish “Taking Chances” is also a standout among the cuts. Hull’s wistful melody is filled with nuanced tones of late night restlessness and far off dreams. But of all the tracks on Cherokee Moon, “Flying” perhaps best conveys what’s contained in the heart and soul of the artist. At times simple and others grand, Jerry’s vocals and instrumentation are spot on. Simply put, they soar. “Gone Too Far,” the closing track, carries a similar ambiance.

Cherokee Moon is the third album from Jerry Hull. Judging by his latest effort, it’s clear that Hull is one of the hardest working indie artists on the music scene. Only Jerry knows what’s next after Cherokee Moon. No doubt, it will be hard to top this one. But as Jerry always says, “Music runs through my veins.”


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