‘Subway Beats: Celebrating New York City Buskers’

Brilliantly captivating and real is the best way to describe author Kurt Boone’s new book Subway Beats: Celebrating New York City Buskers. To say the Big Apple is legendary for its impressive showcase of compelling street performers would be a drastic understatement. Scores of solo troubadours, duets, quartets, dancers and other performers traditionally have roamed above and below ground while entertaining the bustling masses. Now, Kurt Boone has captured that unique vitality in Subway Beats. But hold on, because there is so much more to discuss about this remarkable work.

Distributed by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., Subway Beats: Celebrating New York City Buskers is an impressive hard cover collection of 268 color images featuring artists and genres as diverse as the city itself. Boone, a native New Yorker, writer and poet, has created a marvelous story by way of some graceful and often gripping snapshots. Depictions of musicians playing everything from steel drums and violins to a French horn and an African Kora are contained in this compilation. Adding to the compelling nature of the volume, Boone has included interviews with veteran performers Roger Manning, Heidi Kole and Cathy Grier. For those who love everything about New York City, this is for you.

A family-owned, independent publisher of high-quality books since 1974, Schiffer has published thousands of titles on assorted subjects. Whether your fancy is architecture and design, food and entertaining, the metaphysical, pop culture or children’s books, Schiffer has it covered. Visit www.schifferbooks.com and explore the backlist of more than 5,500 titles. Just don’t forget to check out Kurt Boone’s book.

About The Author: Kurt Boone has written for Narratively, PBS Metro Focus and Urban Velo magazine. He has also authored numerous books on the New York City courier industry.

Video: “Kurt Boone, Poet” – Troy Johnson/YouTube.


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