Dani Hoy: ‘At The End Of A Long Road’

Key West, Florida, is widely known for its tropical breezes, laid back lifestyle and of course, the Ernest Hemmingway house. Plus, most everyone knows it is the southernmost point in the United States. But there is another star attraction in the Keys that you should know about. Her name is Dani Hoy and she can sing up a storm, the good kind of course. If you have any doubts, just check out her EP, At The End Of A Long Road. You’d better hold on; there is a lot more to say about Dani’s music.

A singer, songwriter and superb acoustic guitar player, Hoy’s latest release is a collection of five original songs that have an irresistible rocking country vibe. Not surprising, considering the outstanding musicians Dani employed to help her out on the recording, including former Johnny Cash bass player Dave Roe, Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell drummer Jerry Roe, Marty Stuart’s guitarist Kenny Vaughn, Rob Thorworth on acoustic guitar and producer/keyboardist and percussionist, Kevin Johnston. Those are some pretty impressive credentials, which should tell you something about Dani as an artist. No wonder her album kicks ass.

Right off the bat, the opening track, “Escape,” serves up some tasty guitar licks alongside Dani’s inviting vocal work. It makes you wonder how she has not been nominated for a CMT Music Award, or something similar. Yes, she is that good. So are the other songs on At The End OF A Long Road. Listen closely and you can hear a refined Nashville twang in the Baltimore-born singer’s voice on the 3:59 “Not Enough Rum.” The same applies to “Coffee Drinking Girl.” Eat your heart out Shania Twain. This cut slinks along with an infectious rhythm that never quits. The last song, “Status,” has an edgier sound than the rest, combining subtle guitar riffs that softly float beneath Hoy’s strong but sensitive singing. Generally speaking, the overall mix is crisp and clean. Kudos goes out to Johnston for the fine production value.

In concert, Hoy performs with Chris Rehm as a duet named The Shanty Dogs. If you cannot get down to Key West and hear Dani, do the next best thing and check out her album. Surely, you won’t be disappointed. At The End OF A Long Road is available at cd baby. Go for it.


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