Stompbox Gift Giving Guide

In a never-ending sea of guitar effects pedals, picking the right ones for your rig can be a daunting task, especially around the holidays. As they say, so many pedals and so little time. Or suppose you want to give the gift of music this year to your favorite axe shredder. Consider a stompbox as the perfect choice for those aspiring electric jam kings and queens. Here is a roundup of five guitar pedals you may want for your own Christmas stocking, or perhaps for someone else. Check it out.

Analog Alien Joe Walsh Compressor and Amplifier Emulation Pedal: Do not be intimidated by the lengthy title. If you are searching for that Joe Walsh signature sound, this pedal is the way to go. Features include a classic amp circuit, compressor circuit, pre/post switch with sensitivity and ratio controls. Oh yeah, the signal path is completely analog, just the way Joe likes it. Conventional or slide, this pedal can handle it and more. The Joe Walsh compressor is priced at $250.00.

Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight: If you are looking for that fuzzy wah wah-filled Eric Clapton   and Cream sound, this may be the effect for you. But be forewarned. We took the Cock Fight out for a test drive and found an expression pedal makes a world of difference. Want to riff out to “Sunshine Of Your Love?” The Cock Fight can help you nail it. Talk-Box tones are even possible with the right settings. Retail price is roughly $110.00.


Dr. No Kafuzz Fuzz: Ozzy and Tony Iommi would love this fuzz. If “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is part of your repertoire, check out the Kafuzz. Fat yet smooth, this is heavy duty gain all the way. According the manufacturer, this box “…sounds great with heavy cords but even better with good fast and slow hand lead licks.” The price tag is around $235.00.


Wampler Black 65 Vintage Overdrive: This pedal is clearly made for Fender® aficionados. The 65 Vintage Overdrive can produce the sonic texture and tone of legendary black face amps. Can you say Deluxe Reverb, Twin and Vibrolux? Built in the USA, equalization includes treble, mids and bass, while gain and gain boost controls bump everything up a notch. Wampler’s Black 65 sells for about $200.00.


Keeley Dark Side Workstation Pedal: Hard to believe, but Keeley Electronics has packed a fuzz, tape-style delay, phaser, flanger and rotary speaker effects into one pedal. The David Gilmour sound is available at your fingertips. With 12 different delays, add a Stratocaster® and you can feast on Pink Floyd. The Dark Side even has room for an expression pedal. This baby retails around $299.00.


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