Matt Steady: ‘Feels Like Coming Home’

A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Matt Steady’s latest album contains several remarkable tunes that are sure to attract the attention of listeners. Steady, an independent artist who hails from Leicester, England, is a skilled acoustic and electric picker, as evidenced on his current solo effort, Feels Like Coming Home. But the collection is about more than just fretboard gymnastics. Matt brings an East Midlands vibe to his work, which can be earthy as well as rocked out.

One of the gems from Steady’s Feel Like Coming Home is the original composition “1946.” An unpretentious yet moving melody, the 4:17 cut begins with a compelling run on the Uilleann Pipes before moving through a cranked-out gated guitar lead and piano coda. Steady certainly is at his best. But there is more, including “The Last Grand Piano In Gaza.” Packed with a solid layer of acoustic strumming, Matt touches on current events in a way that only he can. Steady’s voice, raw and easily recognizable, is somewhere between Richard Thompson and Brad Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies. He has crafted quite a compelling melody.

Another standout from Steady, “Plura,” is a bluesy tremolo-filled track which moves along at an even pace. With a dry, pounding resonance he sings, “Breaking a hole in the ice, shielding my eyes from the sun, suspended between heaven and hell, only thinking of what’s to come.” When Steady has an idea, he knows precisely how to go after it, which is perhaps his strongest quality as a songwriter. “Plura” proves that.

Also appearing on the album is Matt’s daughter, Indigo, an exceptional singer in her own right; drummer Niklas J. Blixt; and trumpeter Bradley Saunders. Besides the songs penned by Steady, he serves up a cover of The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and the beautiful Celtic “Crith Gablach.” Indigo shines on the ancient Irish dirge-like lamentation. Available as a download or a CD, you can also check out Feels Like Coming Home on Soundcloud.

Video – Matt Steady “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – Matt Steady/YouTube

Matt Steady – Bandcamp

Matt Steady “Hurt” Cover On YouTube

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