Young Roc: ‘Henny Given Sunday’

Detroit rapper Young Roc’s latest effort, Henny Given Sunday, is jam-packed with 17 new original songs. You heard it right. Roc cranks out 52 minutes of listening pleasure, while getting by with a little help from his friends, including 6aamm, Sayitainttone and Tiara, to name just a few. No wonder the album is so high up on everyone’s wish list. Set aside any thoughts of hype, because after one listen to Henny Given Sunday, you’ll be hooked. You want more? Check this out.

The opening cut on Young Roc’s newest, “Midnight Freestyle,” is a multi-layered production complete with backup vocals. Roc’s voice floats on top of the mix while playing off the music, which sets the song in motion. Pay close attention: YR’s singing has a quality and resonance that is not easy to come by. According to the lyrics, “Music is his job and his source of aspiration too.” Told you he was something special. This is definitely a fan favorite. Another standout, “Drunk and High Girls,” featuring 6aamm, is a slow moving, echo laden cut where Young uses contemporary vocal textures to achieve his goal. Is it any wonder the next track is titled “Sunday Interlude?” There is a message there.

Perhaps the standout among the rest is “Red Room Interlude.” Within a span of 1:30, Roc has created a trippy sonic excursion into something cool yet invitingly warm. The cross-over appeal has potential to conquer G-Rap, ambient rock territory and beyond. Get used to the explicit lyrics, since that’s what keeps everything real. Adubb da Gawd, Og Papi and dEnAuN also appear. No doubt, after hearing Henny Given Sunday, you will agree that Young Roc is a potent rap force to be reckoned with.

Video “Red Room Interlude” – Young Roc/YouTube

Henny Given Sunday:

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Hard copy (only 100 available)

Video – “Midnight Freestyle”

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