Hollywood: ‘The Art of Behind the Scenes’

With awards season in full bloom, Hollywood’s brightest stars will soon take center stage. All eyes will be watching as the film industry’s finest professionals prepare to shine and become celebrated toasts of the town. But have you ever wondered what happens privately during the making of a famous movie? Coinciding with the latest big screen honors is “The Art of Behind the Scenes,” a photo series that pays tribute to the on-set still photographers and the unique moments they capture between takes.

“The Art of Behind the Scenes,” on view Feb. 11 – 26 at KP Projects, 170 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, will present an exhibit featuring intimate yet spectacular photographs from the sets of a number of historic films. Previously unknown to the public, whether the cinematic image is Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in their legendary embrace, Quentin Tarantino dancing with Pulp Fiction’s Uma Thurman and John Travolta or David Bowie preparing for The Man Who Fell To Earth, “The Art of Behind the Scenes” has it covered and more.

Curated by Fitch & Partners in collaboration with Jaeger- Le Coultre, this will be the first time that “The Art of Behind the Scenes” has travelled to Los Angeles and is available to the general public. The exhibit will be showcased at KP Projects with a VIP cocktail reception scheduled for February 21. All prints are available for sale both in the gallery and online. You won’t be disappointed. Some of the favorites include a unique perspective shot of Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman, Liz Taylor in an evocative pose on the beach and Clint Eastwood relaxing with his feet up.

KP Projects is home to several significant emerging and mid-career artists, Finch & Partners Corporate Creative Agency is a strategic brand consultancy and content creator which represents and advises some of the world’s most distinctive brands and institutions. Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Swiss timepiece legend since 1833, has a long-standing commitment in supporting the appreciation and preservation of film.  Ignite your imagination and check out “The Art of Behind the Scenes.” The on-set stills truly are once in a lifetime images.


Bob Willoughby. Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman on a specially constructed set during the filming of The Graduate. Paramount Studios, Hollywood, 1967. © Bob Willoughby.

Eve Arnold. Andy Warhol at the Silver Factory with his first sophisticated anchored camera. New York, USA, 1964. © Magnum Photos.

Douglas Kirkland. French actress Brigitte Bardot plays cards on set of the comedy-adventure film Viva Maria, 1965,© Iconic Images/Douglas Kirkland.

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