Reach for the Stars!: 2 Must Do’s For Musicians

Even The Beatles use Twitter.Despite the fact that we are all connected, for new bands and solo artists, getting noticed has become nearly impossible. In a sea of never-ending categories and styles, how does a music artist stand out from the pack? One antidote to anonymity is to establish an online presence, which has become a necessity for all musicians.

Beyond the Music and Lyrics 

For successful contemporary music artists, it is not just about the songs. Informed fans have developed a particularly personalized relationship with their favorite musicians. As a result, enthusiasts want to know where the artists are coming from and what they think about things.

  • Posting on social media can get the word out immediately about your musical message. As far as free platforms go, Twitter is the most effective. Happening bands, like the UK’s Goth metal punksters Calling All Astronauts, have reached several hundred-thousand followers on Twitter alone. Even The Beatles use Twitter.

Musicians Use Your Own Online Real Estate

Having a place to showcase your music, videos, news, bios and press releases, can go beyond the capabilities of Instagram or Twitter’s 140 characters, which is why all musicians should have a website, or a blog. Twitter also allows you to link to your homepage, providing for ramped up exposure.

  • Whether it is visual, audio or text, people want to know your views. Having a website or a blog provides greater control over your online voice and the music.

For musicians, sharing on Twitter and having a website or a blog are influential forms of communication with the potential to turn more people on to your creative ideas. For an artist to be heard, it’s not just about the instruments, the amps and the vocals anymore.


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