How to Enjoy Summer: Listen to the Music of OOLALA

A space-rocking jam blast with gripping vocals describes The New RockRoll Cosmology, the debut album from Philadelphia-based music artists OOLALA. Released on The Giving Groove label, no doubt you will agree this four-song EP is a winner. Get ready because there is much more to the OOLALA music story than you think.

OOLALAMusicians with a Creative Sound

Produced by Tim Sonnefeld (Usher, Mary J Blige, Dixie Hummingbirds) and mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Avatar Studios in New York City, “a cinematic collection of tracks,” The New RockRoll Cosmology is seamlessly constructed. For instance, “Falling Out Of The Universe,” the first single released from the EP, features a well balanced mix of searing guitar leads and contemporary lo-fi-ish vocal work where neither dominates the blend, yet both remain powerful and sonically true to form. The remarkable music does not stop there.

“Get Yo Ass In That Space Camaro” is a funky axe-driven number with a ZZ Top-type of music sass and sensibility. Yes, sometimes OOLALA can be way out there having fun. But make no mistake; music is the main message. “Whatever Can Be” is a bluesy cut that belongs at the top of the music charts. The number starts slowly and explodes into a brief fret-filed riff-out before returning to its groove. Elsewhere, the thick-stick, progressive jazz metal drumming on the 4:54 “Unusual Travel” emits an irresistible pulse. It’s hard to believe this is the band’s debut. They are that good. Plus, the group has great videos on YouTube.

Music from the Heart and an OOLALA Concert Tour

As if the musicians and their music are not enough, OOLALA will donate half of the album proceeds to MusiCares. Established in 1989 by The Recording Academy® as a “safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need,” the organization’s services include a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies. It gets even better, because OOLALA is currently on the road supporting The RockRoll Cosmology.

  • Here is the remaining summer tour dates announced so far:

6/23/17: Kaiju, Louisville, KY
6/24/17: Best Friend Bar, Lexington, KY
6/26/17: The East Room, Nashville, TN
7/01/17: Milkboy, Philadelphia, PA
8/13/17: Germantown Kitchen Garden, Philadelphia, PA
8/30/17: Ortlieb’s, Philadelphia, PA


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