Traverse The Abyss Music Review: ‘The Gamble of Life’

Traverse the AbyssLightning blast beats immersed in grindcore explosions and nu-metal chaos best describes the music of The Gamble of Life, by Traverse The Abyss. These are ten power packed songs which will please any extreme metalist, to say the least. The Scranton, Pennsylvania-based band merges various elements of metal to create its own brand of contemporary music. But that’s just for starters.

Songs From Metal Music Artists

One of the standouts from The Gamble of Life is the 3:26 “Royal Flush.” At the intro, separate guitar tracks brieflyTraverse the Abyss fill the right and left speakers in a wicked blaze of fretwork before rapid-fire drumming erupts and the singer roars, “One, two, three-let’s-go!” Speaking of Traverse The Abyss, band members include Eric Ross – vocals; “Iron” Mike White – guitar; Mike “Bnoc” Bieniecki – bass/backing vocal; Nelson Negron – drums; and Seth Cardona – guitar.

A Distinctive Quality of Music

Other examples of hardcore bliss from The Gamble of Life include “21 or Bust” and “Joker.” Recorded by Joe Loftus and Jay Preston at JL Studios, the title cut, the longest at 6:22 and appearing as the last song on the album, leans more toward a heavy metal sensibility. But no matter the song, Traverse The Abyss’s The Gamble of Life definitely cranks on all cylinders.

Catch Traverse The Abyss on Reverbnation or Bandcamp.


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