Vanilla Base’s Music: Infectious and Irresistible

Vanilla BaseSimply put, the four-song EP Show Me You, from Vanilla Base, is a hidden rock music gem. Available on Soundcloud, the collection of songs has a uniquely winning appeal that never quits. Proof can be heard in each original radio-friendly track. Based in Madrid, Spain, Vanilla Base has the kind of sound that other musicians crave.

Music Artists at Work

One of the highlights from Show Me You is the 3:44 original “Chasing a Dream,a song armed with expertly crafted guitar trills, smoothly played electric solos and just the right amount of echo andVanilla Base reverb. Paired with the lead singer’s charming yet haunting vocals, the overall feel has a classic Buckingham-Nicks type of allure. Of course, the bass and drum sections are equally solid. Yes, it’s all there for the listening.

More Good Music

Another favorite from Show Me You is the title cut, which rocks with a bit of a vintage post-new wave flavor. You could easily mistake the song for a rediscovered FM radio hit. The same applies to “It’s Been So Long,” by way of its pleasantly engaging melody. We discovered Vanilla Base on Twitter. Here’s hoping you do too.


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