Sabrina Fallah: The ‘Kiss Is a Killer’ Music Interview

Sabrina Fallah-jpg.comWith a powerful voice and vibrancy, singer-songwriter and guitarist Sabrina Fallah was born to be a rocker. After listening to her current five-song EP, Kiss Is a Killer, you will agree the Ottawa, Ontario Canada-based artist is an unstoppable indie music force to be heard. Working with veteran producer Kent Wells, Fallah has served up a collection of original radio-friendly acoustic and electric tracks which are ready for rotation. But this is just the beginning of the story.

Music from the EP

The 3:14 title cut from Kiss Is a Killer revolves around a relationship wrecked by one-sided deceit with Fallah’s voice lending an emotive truth and passion to the charged lyrics. As the singer points out, she’s “Tokyo and you’re Godzilla” and we all know how that ends.

Another standout from the EP, “Didn’t Last,” moves at a slightly different pace, but again with the artist’s voiceSabrina properly balanced and precisely mixed. Each of the electric tracks also is armed with tightly knit, no-nonsense guitar fills. Hold on, because there is more to the EP.

Acoustic Originals

In Feb. 2016, Sabrina travelled to Nashville where she filmed acoustic videos for two songs on the EP: “Paradise Comes with a Price” and “Hurt.” Each is an unplugged gem featuring the singer, arguably, at her best. While the video for “Paradise Comes with a Price” provides further insight into the artist’s concert charisma, the 2:51 “Hurt,” a song of sensitivity, privacy and pain, has a melody more on par with Nuno Betancourt’s Extreme.

Music Interview Magazine caught up with Sabrina Fallah to discuss Kiss Is a Killer, filming the videos for her songs, live performances and more.

Interview With Sabrina Fallah

While in Nashville last year, you filmed two acoustic videos of songs from your EP, Kiss Is a Killer. Tell us how that came about.

Filming the two acoustic videos for “Hurt” and “Paradise Comes with a Price” was a great experience. They were filmed in Kent Wells’ studio. Kent, who produced my songs, played the acoustic guitar as I sang. It was such a nice atmosphere. The whole team was very professional and helpful.

The acoustic tracks, which include “Hurt” and “Paradise Comes with a Price,” are a bit of a departure from the other songs on the EP. What made you go with the unplugged sound?

When I co-wrote “Hurt” and “Paradise Comes with a Price,” I knew those songs needed to be acoustic. So, I decided to record them acoustically, which gave them a different feel on the record. It’s nice to have some songs with a band and some acoustic.

“Stuck Up”, “Didn’t Last” and the EP’s title cut are all rockers. Do you have a favorite from the album? Is this the first time you worked with veteran music producer Kent Wells? Who are the other musicians on the album?

I love all the songs. I co-wrote “Kiss Is a Killer,” “Stuck Up,” “Didn’t Last,” “Paradise Comes with a Price” and “Hurt,” for Kiss Is a Killer. It is hard to choose a favourite. This was the first time I worked with Kent Wells. I had a lot of fun recording my vocals in the studio and learned a great deal. Every studio experience has been different. Kent taught me a lot vocally, which I will take and use when I record and perform.

The other musicians on the album are Dave Cohen – piano, B3, keyboards; Miles McPherson – drums, percussion, programming; Jerry McPherson – electric guitar; Joeie Canaday – bass guitar; and Kent Wells – acoustic and hi-strung guitars.

On your website, you say that you’ve performed “wherever possible over the years.” What were some of the more interesting venues?

I have performed at a lot of different venues over the years, including bars, festivals, charity events and fundraising events. I enjoyed performing at all of them.

What’s next for Sabrina Fallah?

That will definitely include new music, more performing and interviews.

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