Scarlet’s ‘Warning Signs’: Premium Indie Pop Music A seamless blend of captivating harmonies aptly describes “Warning Signs,” the new single from singer-songwriter Scarlet’s debut album Infinitely. Available Sep. 1st on Soundcloud, the 3:13 music track about self-deception, combines rich vocal complexity with an edgy yet radio-friendly melody, atmosphere and texture. Co-written and produced by Max Honsinger, “Warning Signs” has a winning sound. But all of that is just the beginning of the story.

About The Song and Singer

After listening to “Warning Signs,” Scarlet’s nuanced voice becomes quite clear. You can forget about any clichéd melismatic hooks or empty substance, because wide-ranging vocal dynamics is the name of this game. Influenced by the Machine’s Florence Welch, Sheeran and Mumford and Sons, the London-based singer’s contemporaries include among others, Jessie Waring, Lana Del Rey and Katy B. But there is a deeper side to Scarlet’s music style, setting her apart from the pack. Proof of that can be heard in the “Warning Signs” remix with London electronica duo, fire_sign.

Polished Doomtronics

fire_sign-jpg.comWith a music vibe somewhere between dream-pop and contemporary ambient, Scarlet is completely at home in what fire_sign’s Sarah Glayzer and Chris Stickland call their “Doomtronica.” The down tempo remix is lush, flowing and sonically intricate, while Scarlet’s vocals have a transcendental quality which reaches beyond the usual pop music space. Glayzer’s amazing cello play and Strickland’s production and instrumentation are impeccable. Together with fire_sign, Scarlet’s voice can take you places.

Live At Different Venues

There is one more thing. If you think Scarlet merely is a top-notch professional in the studio, think again. She has appeared at the Live at Leeds, Secret Garden Party and Hit the North festivals, as well the online viral music show Balcony TV, the Ont’Sofa video channel and several Airbnb events.


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