Raspin Stuwart: Music Served With Personality

Raspin Stuwart-jpg.comAn eclectic mix of charisma and style best describes Raspin Stuwart, both the man and the music. With his trademark hat and warm musical charm, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer has a distinct way of turning original melodies and covers into contemporary listening favorites. His current single, “Smoke the Hookah,” has spent several weeks at number one on the indie music top ten charts. Stuwart even has been endorsed by Starbucks®. But this is just the beginning of the story.

Current Single         

After hearing Raspin Stuwart, listeners soon discover the artist hasRaspin Stuwart-png.com created a unique music brand with widespread appeal. The song stylist’s current release, the 4:13 “Smoke the Hookah,” is a Peter Gabriel-meets-Sly-and-Robbie sounding Reggae message about poverty, war and other topical social matters. Stuwart’s engaging vocal work lends to the highly addictive chorus as the music sets an alluring vibe which never quits. Hold on, because there is much more to say.

Other Standouts

Raspin Stuwart-jpg.comOften combining jazz, urban folk, pop and R&B, Stuwart’s “Rumblin’ Tumblin’,” a slinky, gravelly voiced blues original, has the musical magnetism of a prohibition-era tune from Tin Pan Alley legends Kander and Ebb. Come to think of it, Raspin was born and raised in Chicago until the age of 17. No wonder the song continues to be a fan favorite. Another standout in Stuwart’s catalogue, “King of Foolz,” an acoustic flamenco guitar inspired cut, reflects the work of a clever songwriter.

Live Shows

As a concert professional with his own signature style, Stuwart’s live performances include shows at B.B. King’s Blues Club; Hollywood’s Troubadour; NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants); Make Music Pasadena at the Levitt Pavilion; San Diego’s Adams Street Fair; the San Mateo Street Festival; the opening musical performance for author Marianne Williamson; and the list goes on.



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